OkWave founder and former Kento who lives a homeless life fishing for discarded convenience store lunch boxes

兼元謙任 猛烈なイジメ、コンビニ廃棄弁当を漁るホームレス生活から不死鳥になるどん底からの逆転人生

I want you to tell me the person who recovered from the most tragic situation!



Then Kento Kanemoto’s life reversal is amazing!


What kind of person is Kento Kanemoto?


I will answer this question.


OkWave founder and former Kento who lives a homeless life fishing for discarded convenience store lunch boxes


Kento Kanemoto, who was bullied violently, had Guillain-Barré Syndrome, an incurable disease, and scavenged for discarded lunch boxes from convenience stores every day.

In this article, we’ll share true stories and quotes from celebrities who have risen from the quagmire of life.

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Kento Kanemoto Biography

Kento Kanemoto July 22, 1966

A businessman from Midori Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.

He was born in Nagoya City as a third-generation Korean resident in Japan.

After attending Aichi Prefectural Zuiryo High School,

1989 Graduated from Aichi University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts

After graduating from the design department, he worked with a design company in Kyoto.

He works for an architectural painting company in Nagoya.

He is the founder of the web service “OKWave”.


Kanemoto Kento’s turbulent life

A target of intense bullying since elementary school


Although he was a third-generation Korean resident in Japan, he was naturalized when he was in elementary school, but he was bullied because of his birth.

He still has difficulty seeing in his right eye due to the injuries he received from bullying.

(Because of the injuries he received from this bullying, he still has trouble seeing in his right eye.)


Guillain-Barre syndrome


In the sixth grade, he contracted Guillain-Barré syndrome, an intractable disease, and was repeatedly in and out of the hospital until high school, and was forced to live in a wheelchair.

Work at a painting company

Worked for an architectural painting company in Nagoya.

Based on his fighting experience, in parallel with his company work,

Design products for people with disabilities

(Universal Design) Volunteer activities.

He put most of his salary into it.

ultimately for new design projects

He quit the company, but the project itself fell through.

quit work to start a business

I quit my job to start a business with my acquaintances.

However, the story of his entrepreneurship became a blank slate and he became unemployed.

From moving to Tokyo alone to homeless life

There was a divorce paper stamped with the wife’s seal in an empty room.

persuaded his wife who had brought her divorce papers,

Moved to Tokyo alone in 1996.

He relied on an acquaintance in Tokyo and went to Tokyo, but he did not get a job.

In order to make a comeback, he sought a new job in Tokyo, but was unsuccessful.

His living expenses also hit the bottom, and a homeless life began.


While moving from park to park in Shibuya Ward and Minato Ward, Tokyo

I started to wake up. She is 30 years old at this time.

She becomes homeless and hunts for discarded lunch boxes from convenience stores (for several months).

There is a cigarette butt in the hamburger you got, and you accidentally eat it and wander for life and death.


Kento Kanemoto’s Spirit of the Phoenix

I didn’t work at first,

One day, a homeless friend introduced me to

She met a Chinese woman who works in the sex industry and goes to college at night.


When I talked about my frustrating situation,

women are

She said, “If you ask me, your pain

I will not enter into her suffering,” she rebuked, and she beat him.

As a result, Mr. Kanemoto remained homeless,

start his work. First, I designed a business card,

He eventually took on the design of the homepage.

He had a low purchase price and did not sell

My laptop was my work tool.

When he first started working on the homepage,

he borrowed a computer with internet connection

How to make a homepage on a bulletin board site

When you ask a question, instead of getting an answer,

He was accused of not knowing how to ask.

The alienation caused him to suffer bullying because of his nationality

It overlapped with his own childhood experience.

Even so, he asked an acquaintance to get a job many times.

By continuing to ask him, he will gradually receive orders for work.

He also holds seminars at the Nagoya City Industrial Research Institute.

He made steady efforts.

He was abused when he heard questions about web production on BBS,

Recalling his past experience of bullying,

He came up with the prototype for the later “OKWave” service.

He hit it off with an American programmer, Bob Scott.

I got the program from him and managed to launch OKWave.

Listed on Nagoya Stock Exchange Centrex in June 2006.

The following year, the head office was moved to Ebisu, Shibuya-ku.

It has a business and capital tie-up with Rakuten and Microsoft.

If you are a longtime internet user,
OK Wave at least once
It’s not that I’ve seen it before
Shall we?


Overcoming the adversity of bullying and homelessness to arrive! “I really admire this tenacity!”

Kento Kanemoto Quotes

To get rid of money worries

“People don’t die from rare things”

You will know.

From the autumn of 1997 to the summer of 1999

I lived homeless,

I managed to survive.

Not only that, I was able to start my own company.

Nowadays, you can eat a hamburger for 100 yen,

Tap water in Japan is safe to drink.

Unlimited use of clean public toilets,

You can study for free at the library.

When you reach your 40s, you gain experience and acquire skills.

Because I can work with the accumulation of past experiences,

If you want to get rid of it, you can do it. That’s why

People who are passionate about their work and those who are not,

It makes a huge difference in results and growth.

I declare that I am not going to drink.

Even in seats where I can’t say no,

I only drink oolong tea,” he declares.

It’s a constitution that doesn’t make you feel good even if you drink alcohol.

If you clearly say “I’m not going out drinking”,

You can think, “I’m that kind of person.”

If the relationship ends,

It means that there was no relationship.

In short, “I have to go to a drinking party” means

I have unfounded anxiety.


Bullying, illness, divorce crisis, homeless life, etc.

Successful people who overcame a terrible past

When we know the history of

My worries are very small, chippoke

I am reminded.

We too, her girlfriend who crawled up from the bottom of the quagmire

I have to imitate the spirit of never giving up! !

in your heart,

I would appreciate it if you could light a hot fire.

Thank you for reading
thank you very much!

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