Are the characteristics of Generation Z and space generation different from those of the past, that they have evolved into smarter people?


Throughout the ages, there have been names such as the “space Generation” and “Generation Z”.

Even though I somehow understand that it is a word that refers to the younger generation,
“What does Generation Z mean?” “What are its characteristics?” “Why is it called Generation Z? What is the etymology?”
If you were asked, “What is the difference between you and other generations?”, many people might not be able to answer the question well.

I will answer those questions.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain “What does Generation Z and Yutori Generation mean?” and “Characteristics of Generation Z and Yutori Generation.”


Each generation has different theories.


space generation

People born between April 2, 1987 and April 1, 2004.

feature is,
・Do not do any work other than the job description
・Many people are sensitive and mentally weak and wait for instructions.
・I value my private time
– Optimistic and laid-back

They have a low sense of competition and little experience competing with each other, so even if you try to improve them by competing with someone else, it won’t necessarily work. They are also vulnerable to being hit, so if you pay too much attention to them, they may not be able to demonstrate their abilities, so it is best to praise them and develop them.


They lack initiative and may feel unsatisfactory at first, but most of them are able to do the work they entrust to them rationally and efficiently, and they have flexible ideas.



satori generation

Generation born between 1988 and 1997.

feature is,
Having grown up in the economic downturn following the Lehman Shock in 2008,
・Realistic and stability-oriented without expecting too much
・I am enlightened as I am.
・No or little desire

When you feel “forced” or “forced” to do something,
It becomes a hindrance to having a sense of growth.
If there is something you would like to instruct the Satori generation,
Thoroughly explain theoretically why it is better to do this,
We recommend giving suggestions rather than instructions.



generation z

Born after 1997.

This is the generation where most people do not remember the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States.
I don’t know about that incident…

feature is,
– Realism at your own pace
・Conservative and independent-minded
・Have an entrepreneurial spirit and hate to lose
・It seems difficult to adapt to a work environment with strict hierarchical relationships

A generation where the Internet and digital devices have become commonplace.

Using more diverse SNS such as Twitter and Instagram,
Connect with the wider world, including people you have never met in real life
I’m good at communicating.



What are the characteristics of the leisurely generation?


What if the academic ability of people in the Yutori generation decreased?
There is no discussion at all about what happened.

A person’s overall strength is generally constant, but if one area decreases,
Something has gone up, and now I’m seeing that it’s communication skills.
That’s right.

My communication skills have improved tremendously.
Communication skills mean being able to express what you are thinking.
It’s about talking.

I also write about it on my blog and on Twitter.
We will think about communication skills in this way.

However, they, the current line generation,
What kind of skills are you developing?


Because it’s a line, when you want to let someone out
I don’t know how to get into it, or if I do get into it, I somehow survive.
He has an unusually high ability to read the atmosphere in human relationships.


It’s like an evolution of application.
They are becoming more social creatures.

As a result, their sense of self seems extremely weak.

It looks like your EQ is going up, but you can think of it as if your EQ is also going up.
At the same time, it is egoless.

When people with strong egos get together, nothing can be decided.

What happens when you have a strong ego?

Free Businesswoman Organization Chart photo and picture


For example, the French.

When I went to elementary schools and junior high schools in France, all I saw was discussions.
Nothing is decided.

French people have strong egos and have a strong sense of what they stand for.
In other words, as we have a strong sense of self, we should combine our own claims.
I’m very bad at creating a trap in the right place.

The Japanese are the complete opposite of the French, and the current generation of people is
How will everyone come to make their own arguments before making their own?
I’m reading this and doing it.

Rather than having an opinion of my own, I am looking for my own way of thinking in the flow of others.
I’m starting to stop thinking for myself.
The ego is disappearing, it is dissolving.

young people’s values


Parents can check the safety of their children regarding location information sharing apps that have been heard a lot lately.
It is not intended for crime prevention purposes, but rather for children to monitor each other.
There is a rumor that children can enter it.

It seems to be a surveillance tool for the general public in their 30s and 40s, but
For people under the age of 20, known as Generation Z, there are many ways to play without waste.
It’s a tool.

As a simple mechanism, when you happen to be here right now, you can play without waste.
People who know someone and want to know each other’s location
Being this close, I decided to contact you and meet up, so I decided to use my time.
This is to avoid wasting it.

The reason is that everyone’s time is most important right now.
Your time is the most precious thing you have, and the most important thing you have to protect.

Isn’t that why you have a location sharing app installed?


Are Generation Z and the leisurely generation really smart?


It is often said that children these days are smart, but
I don’t think so.
It’s not because I’m young, but on the contrary, it’s because I think kids these days are dumb.


Why are kids these days considered smart?


It’s probably because a lot of knowledge flows on the internet, and I don’t just listen to other people’s thoughts.
I feel like I’m just memorizing it and speaking it.


If you don’t know how to think for yourself and it comes to a topic that is outside your range of knowledge,
I often see children who suddenly turn into idiots.

If children who do not have the habit of thinking grow up to be adults, society will decline.
I think it will become a country of poor quality.



Let’s consider another example.
Let’s compare them in terms of visual acuity.

I think human eyesight is probably declining.
I think it has fallen dramatically over the last 10 years or so.

You wear a lot of glasses these days, right?
If I’m 80% bad at it, I’ll wear glasses.

However, corrected visual acuity
In terms of eyesight with glasses, it has definitely improved since then.

Compared to 1000 years ago and now, is our eyesight better?
I don’t think there’s much of a difference when you put it all together.

The same thing applies to intelligence.Are young people these days smart? or
If you’re wondering if it’s getting worse, you could say it’s corrective intelligence.
If you look it up on the internet and state what you know, you’ll be told what you don’t know instead.
Something was corrected with glasses, including the fact that I don’t know anything about it and don’t want to look into it.
I guess it’s like vision.

In the same way, my intelligence and ability to think have been corrected on the internet.
If you look at everything like knowledge, isn’t it surprisingly the same?

In a place like Japan where information on the internet is already available,
I don’t really feel the benefits anymore.

The more you use the Internet, the more you lose your thinking habits.
The habit of thinking will be lost, but the need to think in the first place, thinking
The question is how much ability is needed.

How much thinking ability do humans need?
For example, lifting something heavy or pulling a heavy load.
Muscular power was absolutely necessary for humans in the past, and without it they could not survive.

The ability to walk for 5 hours and 6 hours a day was once an absolute necessity, but
I don’t need that now.

In the same way, you think for yourself, make inferences, and make decisions.
The ability is not needed now.



Thank you for reading to the end.

thank you very much!

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