Tokuji Munetsugu was raised as an orphan because the background of the founder of Coco was too fierce


I love curry! Among the various types of curry rice at Coco Ichibanya, my favorite is “Tonkatsu Curry”



What is the background of Tokuji Munetsugu, the founder of Coco Ichibanya? “How did you succeed in making Cocoichi?”

to this question.


Tokuji Munetsugu, the founder of coco Ichibanya, grew up as an orphan


Mr. Tokuji Munetsugu’s too fierce half-life… he crawled up from there!

“Curry House Coco Ichibanya”, also known as “Coco Ichi”, continues to be the only curry chain that is loved by many people. Currently, it has more than 1,000 stores in various parts of the world, and is certified by Guinness as the “largest curry restaurant chain”.


It became big news when it was acquired by House Foods Group in October 2015.

Founder Tokuji Munetsugu is said to have acquired 22 billion yen in assets from the sale of stock. I had a half-life like that, so I will introduce it in this article.


■Summary of this article
  • Tokuji Munetsugu’s upbringing (orphan)
    Tokuji Munetsugu’s heroic boyhood
    The road to success Curry House coco Ichibanya started

Biography of Tokuji Munetsugu

Name: Tokuji Munetsugu
Date of birth: October 14, 1948 (age 70)
Birthplace: Ishikawa Prefecture Occupation:
Ichibanya Special Advisor (founder and former chairman) Chairman of NPO Yellow Angel Owner of Munetsugu Hall
引用:photo by : http://matome.naver.jp/
Munetsugu’s birth was unexpected. Munetsugu was born in Ishikawa Prefecture, but his parents are unknown, although his family register states that he was born. It is said that his biological parents let him go when he was a suckling child and sent him to an orphanage in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture.
As a result, although Japan was still chaotic after the war, Mr. Munetsugu grew up without even knowing the existence of his biological parents.
After that, he was raised in an orphanage until he was three years old. Munetsugu spent his childhood as the first parents of these two.
Unfortunately, this adoptive father was the “worst”. Living with this adoptive father and adoptive mother is also going to spend a fierce childhood just like being born…

fierce childhood

My adoptive father didn’t work and was a gambling maniac who would go to horse racing or pachinko for just a few hundred yen.

His family lived in poverty with public assistance, but his adoptive father used it for gambling, so he couldn’t pay the rent and moved from one abandoned house to another, leading a hellish life.

After that, his adoptive mother who disliked his grandfather disappeared, and Munetsugu began to live with his adoptive father.

There was no electricity or running water, so I spent my time lighting candles in an abandoned house. I ate the weeds growing on the road to stave off hunger, and because I couldn’t bring my lunch to school, I hid by myself in the back of the school building to pass the time.

For my adoptive father, I made a small living by picking up balls on the floor at pachinko parlors and picking up cigarette butts on the street.

His grandfather abused him until he was 15, stripping him naked and beating him for not picking up a cigarette butt.


“I’ve never seen a 1,000-yen bill.”

Soji says.


Extremely poor life to the extent that DV acts crawl on the ground. The humiliation of this time and the overly fierce upbringing of Mr. Munetsugu

I’m going to be a manure.

I don’t even know the faces or names of his real parents…he was abused by his adoptive father…

A miserable life…



First step out of poverty

I was 15 years old when I was finally freed from such a life.

Souji’s life may have changed little by little.

He says that he didn’t want to be seen living in extreme poverty when his teacher visited his home, even though he couldn’t even bring his lunch to school.

don’t you! Even though everyone was poor, an adolescent must have had pride in such a desolate life. No matter how hard and painful life and loneliness it may be…

After the death of his adoptive father, Munetsugu lived with his adoptive mother and was finally able to lead a normal high school life. Munetsugu had given up on going to high school because he didn’t have the money, but with the strong encouragement of his homeroom teacher, he decided to go on to high school.


Escape from part-time job life

Munetsugu, who had to pay his own living expenses and tuition, started working part-time at a tofu shop run by a classmate’s parents. I got on the first train at 5:30 in the morning, worked part-time and used the money to pay for my school fees, and graduated from Komaki High School in Aichi Prefecture.

He says he was really happy to be able to earn his own money for the first time and to be able to eat what he wanted.

It was an escape from the abyss life that I desperately endured for 15 years.

With the money I was able to earn, I was able to successfully graduate from high school.

Meeting my wife. Founded by a couple

After graduating from high school, I applied for Yashima Kaihatsu Co., Ltd., a real estate company that advertised in newspapers, and joined the company. About three years later, in 1970, I changed jobs to the Nagoya branch of Daiwa House Industry.

There, he had a fateful encounter with his current wife Naomi, who was his colleague, and the two got married.

Two years after getting married, the two decided to become independent, and put up a signboard of real estate brokerage Iwakura along the line on the first floor of their house. In 1973, he opened a real estate brokerage company on the first floor of his home as a company and home. However, there is no way that starting an independent business will go so well, and the income from the real estate business is unstable, making it difficult to make ends meet.

In 1974, Munetsugu and his wife opened the coffee shop “Bacchus”, the predecessor of Cocoichi, in Nishi Ward, Nagoya City, as a means of earning cash income.

Even now, there was no coffee shop in the suburbs of Nagoya that didn’t have a morning service.


Customers began to come in from the first day of opening, and Mr. Munetsugu sensed that coffee shops were his vocation, and decided to withdraw from the real estate brokerage business.

It is said that he has been running the business with sincerity and the principle of “customer first”.

Realizing that Naomi’s handmade curry is the most popular among customers, she decides to shift to a curry specialty store. Thus, in 1978, the first curry house CoCo Ichibanya was opened in Kasugai, Aichi Prefecture.


Curry House CoCo Ichibanya


In 1988, 10 years after the curry house coco Ichibanya first opened, it opened 500 stores.

Currently, there are 1,000 monster curry specialty stores in Japan, and it is the only curry specialty store that has stores overseas.
It’s becoming

Speaking of coco ichi, the feature is that you can choose your own rich toppings, spiciness, amount of rice, etc.

In this way, by providing the secret enjoyment of “making your own curry” as a value, we are able to set a slightly higher price for curry (800 to 850 yen on average).

Therefore, Cocoichi does not reduce prices.

The fact that we are able to increase sales even without falling into the low-price competition is a result of the high level of instructions given by our customers.

Also, the roux, which is made on the premise that multiple toppings will overlap, is thoroughly simple. It seems that it is researched so that the taste will not be spoiled no matter how the customer customizes it.

You can enjoy delicious curry house coco Ichibanya at home! You can buy it in retort from Rakuten!

Enjoy CoCo Ichibanya curry at home! ⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩






After all, it doesn’t matter where a person is born or raised! I researched the upbringing of Mr. Tokuji Munetsugu and the life that has continued to this day, and I thought that I could get the life I wanted. Mr. Munetsugu, who has achieved so much success as a businessman, says, “I’m embarrassed to spend money on myself.” Coco Ichibanya was successful because he was this person. It is the person who is thought so. Even if you can’t imitate the whole thing, you can feel that your heart will appear. I wanted to eat the curry made by Mr. Tokuji Munetsugu. He’s an amazing person.

Thank you for reading

thank you very much!

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