How can I switch my mind when I’m betrayed by a friend?


I was deceived by a friend!

Resolve the case of betrayal!

How can I switch my mind when I’m betrayed by a friend?


When deceived by a trusted friend

What should I do? !!

When you are deceived or betrayed by “the person you believed in until now”,

I’m so depressed that I’m misanthropic.

This time, I was betrayed by a friend I trust and lost a lot.

Believing in that friend, he invested money in the business projects he was involved in running.

The amount sold is in the dark with almost no recovery.

After all it was a shock.

This time, when I was deceived by a friend

Let’s have a heart when betrayed

I will talk about.


There is no point in angry at the other person

When someone deceives me
By all means, you will have “grudge and anger at the person you deceived”.

“That bastard is deceived !!”

The anger and disappointment in my heart, even if I don’t say it in words

It doesn’t disappear so much.

But honestly, blaming the other person there doesn’t do anything.

You’re just swayed by the feelings of anger.

People don’t change no matter how you say this.

Even if someone tells you that you are a person, it will not change unless you try to change yourself.

No matter how much you swear at the deceived person

It’s up to the person to change his or her behavior.

If you keep resenting the other person, you will just be exhausted

There are actually few good things.


It’s important to forget anyway

The best way to deal with someone being deceived is

“Forget about that”

about it.

Even if you keep resenting the other person, you will not get 100% of the money back.

If you devote the time you have to grudge the deceived person to something else, you will not be deceived anymore.

There will be more opportunities in your future life.

Make a deceived person a teacher on the other hand

Another effective measure is

“Turn the deceived person into a teacher on the other hand.”

If you think this way, you can change your mind.

Anyway, “Thinking about the other person first does not lead to the first.”

I knew that by myself.

For a person who deceives a person, that is the “essence” of that person.


Deceiving or betraying a person is already the “essence” of that person.

I’m selfish and I don’t have my own axis.

The kick is caused by a small thing.

Because it depends on others for responsibility. Bad boss, bad company, bad society

From that, he can see the essence of the person.

After all, there are people like that, but

He definitely doesn’t want to deceive people by himself.

I had a good study and experience!

Thank you for your friends!

Finally when he does business

Collect funds firmly!

Have a nice Christmas Eve!

Please read to the end

Thank you ☆

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