Ichiro is teaching high school students, but Ichiro’s 7 ways of thinking to achieve his goals


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I saw a program where former major leaguer Ichiro coached high school students.
Is there a specific way to achieve some goal?


I will answer these questions.

Even though I can vaguely see my life goals and what I want to be like in the future,
Have you ever given up due to various temptations and setbacks?

While many people stop chasing their goals along the way,
Some people keep trying until they reach their goal.

Just being around these people
Motivation is contagious, and the flame of motivation that was on the verge of becoming a flame starts to burn again.


Ichiro is teaching high school students, but Ichiro’s 7 ways of thinking to achieve his goals



Conclusion: You can achieve your goals with Ichiro’s 7 ways of thinking!


Therefore, in this article, we will introduce Ichiro’s baseball, or in other words, his way of thinking about work, and how to think about achieving goals. Is not it.



Ichiro’s Brain – How to Think to Achieve Your Goals

take an interest in one’s own development to achieve one’s goals in life

I’m not playing baseball with values to beat people.


The existence of the other person makes it easier to lead to further personal growth.

However, there are some people who think more than themselves about how to make others lower than themselves.

No matter how much you pull other people’s feet, it doesn’t lead to your own growth.


If you are setting a goal of “winning 〇〇!”
It is important to remember that these are goals that focus on your own growth.


You need to promote yourself to achieve your goals in life

Of course, a strong team must have good players.

Rather than being an inconspicuous player there,
I prefer a team where I stand out.

Go to Koshien on your own and win.

Isn’t that cool?


If anything, Japanese people are not good at showing off and prefer to be modest, right?

It cannot be said that this is due to the influence of being educated from an early age, such as being told that it is good manners to behave modestly, or that just getting along with others is excellent in cooperation.

Ironically, however, in the above sense, the more alienated a person is from the Japanese, the more he or she builds a special position and leaves behind unique achievements.


Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone, but
If you need to do PR to achieve your goals, you should not forget that the attitude of standing out and selling yourself will attract your dreams.


Don’t take advice lightly because your goals in life are yours

It’s like you’re listening to someone’s advice,
It’s going to get worse and worse.

People say how the previous form was,
Actually, it’s not a big deal,
I think a lot of it is spiritual.

how to change your mind
That’s what’s important.


It is said that when a general player can no longer hit, they change their form immediately because their form is disturbed.

However, Ichiro did not change his form easily and focused on his mental side first.

And they don’t seem to accept unsatisfactory advice, even to superiors.

It is a famous episode that he was forced to live in the second army for several years after becoming a professional player.



If you accept anything from the other person’s advice and end up in a mess,
It may be easier to lead to results if you focus only on what you can convince yourself.


You can reach your goals in life by taking on new challenges

Ever since I was little,
I’ve always resisted the voices around me that said, “I can’t do it.”

Since we all said we should go to Koshien, I really wanted to do it.

I was desperate.


Ichiro has confidence in himself.

This is evident in his words and his posture.

The source of that confidence is nothing more than the accumulation of small successes, such as challenging and achieving what has been said to be impossible through hard work.

His confidence leads him to bring out the potential that surprises even him.


The goal of life begins when you realize the importance of what you need to do in front of you


Accumulating many small things now
I feel like it’s the only way to go to an outrageous place,

It was super hot today.


Ichiro said in an interview after the game that surpassed Sisler’s record of 257 hits in the season.

There are people who give up without taking any action, saying, “I can’t do it, I don’t think I can do it.”
This is a feeling that comes from setting your goals too high.


It may seem like a roundabout way, but the best shortcut is to gradually raise your standards from goals that you can achieve even now.


These efforts will help you achieve your goals in life.

Difficult situations are important for achieving life goals

Before suffering
I believe you will find something new.


I will visit anyone when I am in pain.

However, when we are in pain, we tend to think only of that pain.

Ichiro says that it is a big mistake to say that you will be rewarded just because you suffered.

It is the same suffering, but what you get is different from suffering without thinking about anything.

When Ichiro is in trouble, he thinks about anything, even if it is useless, and he repeats simple tasks while thinking.


Then suddenly there was a flash of light,
It is said that it will be a chance to get out of a painful situation.


Even the way you spend difficult times can make a difference in your progress.


The experience of actively working on things you don’t like will help you achieve your goals in life

The ability to be told to do something you don’t like,
It will come alive later.


If you keep doing it even if you don’t like it,
Your skill will change.

In this way, you can gradually expand the range of your abilities.

Expanding what we can do
The breadth and scale of the goal will be even larger.


If you want to achieve your goals in life, work hard


Well, even I hate studying and baseball practice.

Who is that?

It’s painful and mostly boring repetition.

But since I was a child,
I like working towards a goal.

Because it’s nice to see that effort pay off.


If you are working
“I want to quit my job” “I don’t want to go to work”
There are not many days when I feel like that.

Even Ichiro says there are many days when he doesn’t want to go to the field or practice.

I agree with you on that point.

However, Ichiro has set his own goals firmly,
We strive every day to achieve it.

That goal setting and effort has brought back the results so far.

do the right thing,
The key to achieving your goals is to continue doing things that seem obvious but are difficult.





Ichiro also achieved big things by accumulating small things.

For those of you who have become accustomed to saying, “I can’t do it myself,” how about getting in touch with Ichiro’s attitude and way of thinking?

It may be an opportunity to start taking action if you want to start with what you can do.

I’m sure you’ll be able to grab the opportunity to solve your worries and problems in an instant.


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