Tom Cruise is amazing because he overcame the Impossible learning disability (reading and writing disability)!




Do you know the movie “Top Gun Maverick” released in May 2022?

Top Gun Maverick starring Tom Cruise (by the way… Mission: Impossible actor), but it is announced that he has a developmental disability LD reading disability (dyslexia).



How did Tom Cruise overcome dyslexia?


I will answer these questions.

Tom Cruise also suffered from a learning disability, poor reading and writing, and even being scammed


The bottom line: Tom Cruise’s hard work overcame his disability and he continues to work to help children who also suffer from dyslexia.


A learning disability (LD) is a developmental disorder that causes difficulty in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and calculating and reasoning, although there is no delay in general intellectual development.
The types of LD are divided into reading disorder (dyslexia), writing disorder (dysgraphia), and arithmetic disorder (dyscalculia).

So in this article, I looked into how Tom Cruise overcame his dyslexia.

If you read this article, you will get the chance to solve your worries and problems in an instant.


Tom Cruise was born on July 3, 1962 in Syracuse, New York. He is 170 cm tall. His real name is Thomas Cruz Maporther IV.

Tom’s great-grandfather, Thomas Cruz Maporther, was an American immigrant from Wales, England. He has Irish, German and English ancestry. He grew up in a poor Catholic family with two older sisters, Lee and Marian, and a younger sister, Cass.

His parents divorced when Tom was 12 years old, and he followed his mother around the United States and Canada.

Due to his dyslexia, he was bullied at school and went to 15 schools in 12 years.
During his school days, he helped support his family by mowing lawns and door-to-door Christmas card sales.

Tom was a wrestler in high school and was seriously aiming to become a professional wrestler. However, his knee injury prevented him from being on the team, so he joined the drama club. Since then, he seems to have turned to acting. Also, he was already busy at the time and was unable to attend his high school graduation ceremony.

He actually entered seminary when he was 14 years old, and there was a time when he was aiming to become a priest. However, he dropped out after just one year. If he hadn’t quit here, Hollywood actor Tom Cruise might not have been born.


Tom Cruise’s Learning Disability “Dyslexia”


Tom Cruise is credited with popularizing dyslexia.

He has often confessed that his dyslexia caused him to move from one school to another and suffer from bullying as a child.

It was a shocking truth that Hollywood movie star Tom Cruise was dyslexic and unable to read.
It is said that Steven Spielberg and Orlando Bloom have been annoyed for a long time.


In the case of Tom, it seems that he could not read and write because he could not distinguish between the alphabet “b” and “d”.

As long as there is a screenplay for a movie or stage, an actor cannot get rid of “reading aloud”.

Of course, Tom, who can’t read the script, memorized the lines in various ways for a long time.
I think he has troubles in his normal life, but he can’t read the script, and until he overcomes it, his mother and assistants read the script, listen to it, and memorize the lines to shoot the movie. It seems that I was looking forward to it.

In addition, the inability to read also interferes with comprehension. Tom Cruise was already 22 years old when he filmed “Top Gun”, but it seems that he could not understand his piloting theory and threw out his lessons.

However, Tom successfully overcame his dyslexia to obtain his pilot’s license.


Tom Cruise seems to have overcome this disease by the “study technology” of the new religion / Scientology Church, which he has been devoted to since becoming an adult.

He said that he finally overcame this symptom by practicing the Scientology teaching method “Study Technology”, which he was introduced to by his first wife, actress Mimi Rogers, whom he married in 1987.

To change yourself through effort. There is no difference that it has made the current Tom Cruise.


What’s so great about Tom Cruise?

Performing without a stuntman

Since the time of the movie “Top Gun”, Tom has consistently taken the attitude of “doing the stunts yourself”.

Even in “Top Gun, he is Maverick”, he managed to withstand super gravity and pilot a fighter plane, which attracted a lot of attention.
So far, even in the “Mission: Impossible” series, it has been shown to fall from an altitude of 7,620 meters and cling to the outside of the door of an aircraft flying at over 400 km / h.

Tom is also a semi-professional motorbike and car driver. In 2011 he drove a real F1 car on a California raceway.

hard practice or hard study

Physical stunts aren’t the only thing Tom does himself.
He practiced billiards for 12 hours a day to become a master of billiards in the movie “Hustler 2”, practiced his pronunciation by reading classic literature aloud in “Interview with the Vampire”, and a German officer in “Die Walküre”. He is a person who makes an effort, such as learning German in order to act.

Producer business


It was around the time of “Top Gun” that Tom became interested in manufacturing.
He co-founded his own production company, Cruz/Wagner Productions, in 1993 with Paula Wagner and made his foray into producing with Mission: Impossible.
Since then, he has continued to produce the way actor Tom should go.

It seems that Tom is currently planning a movie to shoot in space.
Although the title and story have not been announced, it is announced that shooting will be done in space with full cooperation between NASA and space development company SpaceX.


Many successful people who have made great achievements agree. “I was able to continue because I liked it. 』

If you are only looking for money, fame, and glory, you will quickly give up after failing in just one business or job.

I believe that it is precisely because we are able to continue with enthusiasm that we are able to achieve such success.

Tom, the one and only non-standard man, continues to boldly take on new challenges even at the age of 60.

I would be happy if you could refer to it even a little.

Thank you for reading to the end.


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