Vietnamese style tsukemen


The name of the Obama set is Bun Cha, Vietnamese style tsukemen, and Hanoi gourmet food.

I went on a business trip to Hanoi, Vietnam. Did you have any delicious food? I went to a Vietnamese restaurant visited by former US President Obama! ! HUONG LIEN became a very popular restaurant after President Obama visited in May 2016. For a while after President Obama's visit, customers flocked to the restaurant to the point that it sold out by noon. Bun Cha restaurant has opened its second store. Hitori Gekidan is happy too! In the program Bonbi Girl "Gekidan Hitori in Vietnam 2-hour special", Eating President Obama's bun cha with Bomby Girls I went to "HUONG LIEN". Therefore, this article is about the places you should definitely stop by when you go to Hanoi, Vietnam. Introducing the "Obama Set" (Combo Obama) that you should try.