What is the relationship with Yin Yang Gogyo? Is Yuko Yoshino, who studied folklore, the reincarnation of a fox or a snake?


Who is the late-blooming, successful grandma in this article?



Ms. Yuko Yoshino has been unraveling folklore at random with the Yin-Yang Five Elements philosophy.



What is folklore? Yin-Yang Gogyo? Who is Yuko Yoshino?

I will answer these questions.

It’s been about 3 years since people began to say that in the age of 100 years of life. Until then, I was 70 to 80 years old.

It’s true that some people can live to be over 100 years old even before that, so I think I need to be prepared to some extent.

Since then, I’ve been thinking about how to live the late evening.

In the meantime, I found the life of Yuko Yoshino, a folklorist, in Nikkei Shimbun’s “Compass for 100 years of life.”
I was fascinated by it.

What is the relationship with Yin Yang Gogyo? Is Yuko Yoshino, who studied folklore, the reincarnation of a fox or a snake?


In the headlines * Leaving with the “afterword” of the complete works * A late blooming life from the age of 50

There was a copy that was unintentionally attracted.

This article introduces Yuko Yoshino, a folklorist, and summarizes folklore and Yin-Yang Gogyo.


■Summary of this article
  • Yuko Yoshino Background and profile
    What is Yin-Yang Five Elements? What is Folklore?
    Written by Yuko Yoshino

Profile and life of Yuko Yoshino

吉野裕子 民俗学者

Hiroko Yoshino (1916 – April 18, 2008) was a Japanese folklorist.

She was born in 1916 in Tokyo. She graduated from Joshigakuin in 1934 and Tsuda College in 1954.

From 1975 to 1987 she was a part-time lecturer at Gakushuin Women’s Junior College.
In 1977 she received her Doctor of Literature degree from the Tokyo University of Education by ‘Japanese festivals viewed from the perspective of Yin-Yang and Five Elements’.

She died in 2008.

History of Yuko Yoshino

1916 Born in Tokyo
Married after graduating from Joshigakuin
lose her baby

Her father died in a train accident after the war ended in 1945.
She graduated from Tsuda College
Part-time lecturer at Gakushuin Women’s College

1967 She travels all over the country in search of the origin of fans used in Japanese dance.
She has published 23 books, including Fan and The World of Genji

In 2008, she wrote the postscript for all 12 volumes of “Yuko Yoshino Complete Works” and passed away.
she is 91 years old

After the end of the war, my husband lost his job and studied English at Gakushuin Women’s Junior College in order to support the family budget.
She worked as a part-time lecturer, but after her husband’s business took off, she remained a full-time housewife.

Her husband lost his job and asked a fortune-teller, which was one of the reasons why I entered Yin-Yang Gogyo.
When she turned 50, she began to question the Japanese dance she was learning at the time.

“Why do we use fans?” “What is the origin of fans?”

Even after asking Japanese dance masters, historians, and fan craftsmen, I still had no idea.
Then… I decided that I had no choice but to do my own research.

He was 53 years old when the results of the survey were compiled.

Even after that, the curiosity of “why?” is directed to various things.
By the age of 89, she had published 23 books, including “Why is the Daruma Red?” to “Dharma Folklore”.

And she finally compiled “Yuko Yoshino Complete Works” as a total of 12 volumes.

In 2008, after her 12-volume afterword, two days after she wrote her essay that drew the curtain on her independent research career.
She fell ill and was hospitalized, and about two months later she passed away on April 18th, and the final volume of her complete collection was published on June 30th.


What is Yin-Yang Five Elements?

It is a natural philosophical thought that originated in ancient China.

“Yin-Yang Gogyo” is a natural philosophical thought that was born in China’s Spring and Autumn Warring States Period before Christ, and is also called “Yin-Yang Five Elements Thought” or “Yin-Yang Five Elements Theory”. By thinking based on this idea, it was said that all things existing in the universe could be explained.

Specifically, it explains the days, months, years, seasons, directions, etc. that form nature and human life, and is important as a theory that supports the foundation of Chinese culture, such as Confucianism, medicine, astronomy, and music. Thing.

Thoughts that combine “yin-yang thought” and “five elements thought”

“Yin-Yang Five Elements” is a thought that was created by combining two thoughts, “Yin-Yang Thought” and “Five Elements Thought”. At its root is the idea that every phenomenon in the universe is born, disappears, and circulates.

“Yin-Yang Thought” Represents Two Opposing Relationships

Yin-yang philosophy is originally an ancient Chinese way of thinking about divination, and is also called yin-yang theory or yin-yang theory. According to Yin-Yang philosophy, all existence consists of a harmony of two opposing qualities.

The positive nature is called “yang”, and the negative nature is called “yin”. For example, men, spring, odd numbers, and heaven are classified as yang, while women, autumn, even numbers, and earth are classified as yin.

The caveat is that yin and yang are completely different from the concept of good and evil, but rather the concept of balance between yin and yang.


To give an example of yin and yang…
women and men,
weakness and strength,
minus and plus,
Moon and sun,
north and south
night and day,
even and odd,
shortwave and longwave,
high frequency and low frequency,
centripetal force and centrifugal force
bad luck and good luck

・Anode becomes shadow and cathode becomes positive.
(When the yang is strong, yin is born, and when the yang is extreme, yin is born.)

・Yang stands out more, but is always strongly influenced by shadows

“Five Element Thoughts” Reveals the Appearance of Phenomena

The Five Elements Thought is an ancient Chinese natural philosophy, also known as the Five Elements Theory. It is the idea that all things are made up of five kinds of elements, and that these elements change and circulate while influencing each other according to certain laws.

“Go” in Gogyo means five elements, and “Gyo” means to move and go around.

Five kinds of elements are materials of “wood, fire, earth, metal, and water” which are essential for human life. A relationship that has a strengthening effect on the other is called “gogyo sosho”, and a relationship that has a weakening effect on the other is called “gogyo sokoku”. Again, it is not a question of strength being good or weakness being bad, but of balance.



What is Folklore?

“Folklore studies” is a study that attempts to reveal folk culture from the inside.

Investigate how the culture handed down in modern life is expressed, in what form it has existed, and how it has changed from the point of view of a fellow countryman and contemporary, and pursue the reasons for each. The purpose is to try

To put it simply, “folklore” is the study of the traditions, traditions, culture, and lifestyles of people in each region.

Among them are the cultures that are rooted in our daily lives, such as the occult and youkai. It is often compared with “ethnology” and “cultural anthropology”, but “ethnology” is called “ethnology” and refers to the study of human culture, and is a broad definition of anthropology. considered to be a division.









『陰陽五行思想からみた日本の祭』( 初刊1978年 再刊2000年、人文書院)





















『古代日本の女性天皇』(人文書院 2005年)など。





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