Where can I buy Senbei Brothers? Thorough investigation of mail order & stores! Secret Sauce Exquisite Senbei


Hey Papa, do you know Senbei Brothers?



When you say senbei, you mean senbei, right? … Now, when I look it up, “Senbei Brothers” is popular!


I love senbei too! “What are the “Senbei Brothers”?”


I will answer this question.


In this article, we will talk about “Senbei Brothers”, which is currently a hot topic mainly on SNS.

・Can you order senbei brothers, or can you buy it on rakuten?
・What stores sell Senbei Brothers?
・The Reversal Life of the Senbei Brothers

Summarize these points.


Do you know Senbei Brothers? “Is it for children like the 3 dumpling brothers?” No, no, “Senbei Brothers” was broadcast on NHK’s program “Reversal Life” broadcast on September 6, 2021 last year.

The correct name is “SENBEI BROTHERS”. Under the brand name of Kasahara Confectionery Co., Ltd. located in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, this is a new generation rice cracker produced by the hottest brothers in Japan.

“Senbei”, delicious and cool. Based on this concept, the senbei rice crackers, which incorporate the traditional taste of the secret soy sauce that his father left behind and new tastes into it, have been widely developed mainly on SNS.

The No. 1 rice cracker I ate right now is the rice cracker from Senbei Brothers.


How did his Mata Senbei Brothers turn his life around? I was curious and tried to find out.


Where can I buy Senbei Brothers?


Where to buy online is here!

The order online mail order where you can buy Senbei Brothers can only be purchased from the “Senbei Brothers official mail order site”.



However! Unfortunately, it seems that orders from the official mail order site are also very popular, so there is a note…


[Disclaimer] Due to the limited production of this product, it may take 1-2 months to deliver. Thank you for your understanding.

When purchasing from the official mail order site, it may be better to order with a little extra time.

After all, it is a popular item, and the amount of production is limited, so it seems that it will take time to deliver! I don’t want to wait that long! I want to eat delicious rice crackers right now! For those who say, there is also a popular rice cracker here at Rakuten 🎶

【送料無料】もち吉 特撰詰合せ 豊穣乃里【国産米100% 9種43袋 缶】【楽ギフ_のし】【楽ギフ_のし宛書】【楽ギフ_包装】“>通販限定】もち吉選りすぐりの美味しさを存分に盛り込んだ、9種43袋詰合せ

“There are 1,022 reviews on this site, and it’s a popular product with a satisfaction rating of 4 stars or higher.” It’s a stable deliciousness.” It was well received ♪


工場直送! 105gx4袋 送料無料 福箱 1000円ぽっきり 様々食感が楽しめる 海鮮ミックスおまけ付!! えび煎餅 ギフト 保存食 おつまみ 家飲み 夏休み 福袋“>

Factory direct delivery! 105g x 4 bags Free shipping Lucky box 1,000 yen Enjoy a variety of textures Seafood mix bonus!!


“This is a popular product with 1026 reviews, and a satisfaction rating of 4 stars or higher. It is also popular among word-of-mouth, saying that it’s ‘unstoppable deliciousness’.”




Can I buy Senbei Brothers on Rakuten?

Unfortunately, Senbei Brothers rice crackers are not available on Rakuten.

* Senbei Brothers rice crackers cannot be purchased on Amazon or Yahoo! Shopping.


Where is the location of the actual store/distributor?

There are two ways to buy Senbei Brothers Senbei.

  1. Purchase directly from the factory in Funabori, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
    2.Purchase at the stores listed below


Currently, we do not have “factory direct sales”, but factory direct sales are held several times a year.

The location will be purchased directly from the factory in Funabori, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.

↓ Click here for more information


Reversal life of Kasahara Seika who launched Senbei Brothers


Located in downtown Tokyo (Funabori, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo), Kasahara Confectionery, which is run by the fourth-generation president, Takenori Kasahara, and Tadakiyo, the factory manager, was in the red for several years until the older brother became president in September 2014. was in danger of going out of business. Also, a senbei factory that specializes in subcontracting senbei and is on the verge of bankruptcy with debts of tens of millions of yen.

Unique brothers, a former office worker and a former freeter. He lost his father at a young age, and has no know-how about senbei! The factory was rebuilt in just one year. It was “something” left behind by his late father that led the brothers to turn around.

The driving force behind the Kasahara brothers’ reversal is the secret soy sauce that their father left behind.

Ever since she was a child, she has seen her father’s back at the rice cracker factory, and when she fell ill, she thought that there was something more she could do for him.

Protect the secret rice cracker left by his late father! With the concept of “Delicious and cool rice crackers,” the two of them, who have no money and no experience, have reviewed the product from scratch and launched their own brand, “SENBEI BROTHERS.” hit the retail market.

After drastically changing the packaging and sales method, the company turned profitable in just one year. Achieved a V-shaped recovery in one year. Directly managed mail order sites and stores are now sold out one after another. In the background of the revival, there was a reform by the president who used to be a designer.

Their original brand of rice crackers is a big hit. It is now available at fashionable stores such as NEWoMan “Cocorumine” in Shinjuku, Tokyo Station “Nippon Department Store Tokyo”, and Tenoha Daikanyama “& STYLE STORE” in Daikanyama.

Also, if you open a store inside the station, young women will buy in large quantities! Requests for collaboration products have even come in from Hoshino Resorts. Collaboration is also a hot topic.

The miraculous revival was achieved by my older brother, who was originally a designer, and had been engaged in design and marketing at an external company for about 20 years before becoming president. Therefore, he was very particular about how to present the product, and marketed the senbei as a fashionable product. As a result, in addition to the sales of existing subcontractors, it has become one of the major pillars supporting Kasahara Seika.


Reasons for the revival of the Senbei Brothers

・Don’t do anything special, face the problem at hand

・Collect information on site and act desperately

・I used my design skills to create an opportunity for people to eat and pick up

When the soy sauce flavor was sealed off and hit products with cheese, salsa, and wasabi flavors became famous, I decided to try making soy sauce flavored senbei again because I wanted to repay my late father. It was from And “tamari soy sauce crackers” grew to the top sales. I’m sure my late father will be happy in Heaven.




Kasahara confectionery

Address: 7-6-16 Funabori, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo

TEL 03-3687-2495

Business hours: 9:00-17:00

Regular holiday: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays






I received a stylish rice cracker from an acquaintance.

If you look closely, it’s a rice cracker that I happened to see on NHK’s “SENBEI BROTHERS”!

I got the truffle salt (made with truffle oil) flavor.

The small and thin rice crackers are easy to eat, and the taste is delicious, so I ate it all over!

I want to try other flavors too!


Resurrection from the verge of bankruptcy! A must-see for those who want to know more about the miracle of Senbei Brothers!

Impressed and acclaimed voices, one after another! “I can’t stop turning the pages” “I feel the courage to take on challenges”
“Gene has come.”

you can buy it here


Resurrection from the verge of bankruptcy! Miracle of Senbei Brothers ~ Turning deficit into profit in one year No money, time, experience Struggle of a town factory ~ Book (soft cover) – 2018/5/23

I would be happy if you could refer to it even a little.

Thank you for reading to the end.

Thank you for your support.

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