How to make friends and work together to achieve your dreams and goals

How to make friends and work together to achieve your dreams and goals英語記事

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What is the power to make friends!?


How to make friends and work together to achieve your dreams and goals


1. If you notice, act immediately!



We accumulate a lot of experience, gain awareness from it, and immediately move to action.

Don’t just think with experience, but act immediately.

We can learn the importance of this from great men.



2. If you think it’s good, incorporate it immediately


I will say it simply. If you think “good”,

I take people’s opinions honestly and make them my own,

Make that person your supporter.

3. Learn from peers and grow together

New on the day


While being inspired by friends and various people,

If he thinks there is, he learns quickly.

If his comrades move, he will act immediately.


4. Don’t think about why you don’t do it or why you can’t do it


“Still young” “I’m already old” “I don’t have money” “I don’t have connections”

Put a limiter on yourself, such as “I don’t have enough experience”,

Don’t make excuses not to do it.

While I was thinking about these things, time passed steadily.

I kill my potential

5. Receiving heat and reacting immediately

Pay attention to the feelings of your friends and acquaintances and their passion.

react to the heat.

When you feel the heat, expand your thinking scale and react quickly.

This flexibility and speed is also the secret to making friends.

6. Build decisiveness and action


Eliminate fixed concepts and bindings that “must be done this way”.

Creating an environment where you can be free and not having a fixed concept

Gives you action.


Let’s summarize the points to be learned in “making friends”

⭐️ Accumulate experience, gain awareness from there,

move to action immediately

⭐️ If you think it’s good, you can honestly incorporate people’s opinions

I make my own thoughts and make the other person who taught me my opinion my cheering party.

⭐️ If you think there is something lacking (knowledge), learn it immediately,

If you move, act immediately.

⭐️ When you feel the heat, spread the scale of your thoughts and react immediately.

⭐️ Polish your sensibility and acquire the ability to impress and empathize


“The power to make friends”

in interaction with many people

It’s going to be polished!

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