How to get out of poverty is the key to thinking about living expenses

How to get out of poverty is the key to thinking about living expenses英語記事

Can you get out of poverty? !

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“Escape from poverty way to think”

How to get out of poverty is the key to thinking about living expenses


end of lifetime employment


Now that the lifetime employment system has collapsed,

If you just keep working, your salary will continue to rise.

The dreamlike story is completely gone.

Regardless of age, differences in annual income depend on ability

It’s a tough time, so don’t work inefficiently

Those who are doing it are always living at the last minute without being able to raise their salary.


Problems stemming from pay dissatisfaction

“I’m in trouble with a low monthly salary!”

“I want you to do something about the situation where you can’t even save money!”

For those who complain about the current company’s work

In fact, it is a type that is difficult to succeed in life.

People who care about salary only care about the amount of money they receive

There is a tendency, “I’m worried if I don’t have a monthly amount,”

Because I only think about money, good jobs don’t come around.

The type of person who succeeds in the company

アメ車 フォード社創業者ヘンリーフォード

Then, what is the difference between those who succeed in life?

have flexibility.

I am creative in my work, and I do things that please my superiors and subordinates.

I also respond flexibly to troubles, so

She is loved and loved by those around her.

In this way, being pushed up by the surroundings

You will become active as a leader.

Be flexible!


Those who think they lack flexibility

Practice flexibility!

i love manga

I read the same manga over and over again.

Then, even if the same content is read 100 times,

You can see and feel 100 different ways.

Flexibility training can be done in this way as well.

Besides, he looks at a painting and what does it represent?

It is also a good way to try to come up with as many ideas as you can think of.


Be flexible and not fixated on salary

Flexibility is something you can learn in your daily life.

Make a soft head and thoughts and become a person who is loved by those around you.

That’s the reason

Act as a leader at work

Income will improve as well


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