[Picture Book Navi] Children and adults can read together and have fun growing up


Do you think that picture books are only for children to read?

“Is there a picture book that even adults can read that is interesting and educational, or that heals the mind or lightens the heart? Are there places or sites that serve as navigation for picture books?


I will answer these questions.


Picture books [Ehon Navi] Children and adults can read together and have fun growing up [Ehon Navi cute items]


The popularity of picture books continues regardless of the times!

Picture books have always played an important role in parent-child communication and children’s education. It seems that recently there has been an increase in the number of adults giving picture books to each other instead of just children enjoying them.

What kind of memories do you have with picture books?

There must have been a picture book that made you feel excited, laugh out loud, or cry.

Picture books have always played an important role in parent-child communication and children’s education. It’s not only children who enjoy picture books, but it’s becoming more and more common for adults to give picture books to each other.

In this article, we will introduce recommendations for the latest picture books, picture books that everyone knows, and works for adults. In addition, we will introduce items that will make the picture book of “Ehon Navi” even more fun!


What this article solves

1) Reasons why even adults can enjoy picture books

2) You can meet and search for a picture book that suits you!

3) Fun and cute items from “Ehon Navi”

3) Behind-the-scenes information: Book House Cafe (Kanda, Tokyo)



Why even adults can enjoy picture books


When was the last time you read a picture book?

I’m sure there will be many people who say, “I haven’t read it since I was little.”

From here, I will introduce the reasons why picture books are recommended for such adults!

Reason 1: Picture books are easy-to-read content 


Every page of the picture book is drawn with pictures and letters.

And the size of the picture book is larger than the paperback book, and the number of pages is small.

Depending on the work, the characters are small and drawn large. There are some works that you can get a sense of the contents just by looking at the pictures, so it is also recommended for those who don’t have time to read books.

Another great advantage is that you don’t have to compare prices because you can pick it up as soon as you go to the library.


Reason 2: Picture books pierce the heart 


A picture is easier to understand than just text. The pictures are very beautiful, mysterious, and have a lot of personality, and the content is easy to convey to the emotions, and it sticks to the heart.

Looking at such a picture rather than written words may bring about a big change in your mind and way of thinking.


Reason 3: Picture books are educational 

Picture books are created with the intention of nurturing correct knowledge and education in children, and are very easy to understand because they explain various worlds of knowledge for children.

In order not to lose interest in children, there are some ingenuity to keep them from getting bored, and there are no difficult expressions or words. Various genres of education will be yours at once.



Recommended picture books

However, I think that there are many people who do not know even if they want to read a picture book. Here are some recommended picture books. As for picture books, there are many popular picture books that reflect the times, so please refer to them.


hoshijiitake mushrooms(ほしじいたけ ほしばあたけ )

人気シリーズ「ほしじいたけ ほしばあたけ」のシリーズ第5弾。 引用:amazon



panda bread(パンダぱん)

かわいいかわいいパンダの形のパンダぱん。 チョコパン、メロンパン、アンパン、ジャムパン、 みーんなそろってパンダぱん! 「ころん」「ちゃぷん」「ふわり」「ぽぽぽ」 「ぱくん」「ばあっ」と、 赤ちゃんの大好きな音やリズムがいっぱいの絵本。 引用:amazon

ねこは るすばん (大人にもおすすめ)






おにぎり好きのオニたちが、人間の落としたおにぎりを拾って食べて大ショック!「ひどすぎる!こんなまずいおにぎりを食べてるなんて!」「俺達が本当のおにぎりのあじを教えてやる!」 引用:amazon











「やれやれまたクリスマスか! 」面倒くさそうに目を覚ましたのは、サンタクロース。寒さに愚痴をいい、煙突に文句をいいながら町の子どもたちにプレゼントを配ります。南の島に憧れながら、一日の仕事をおえると、お風呂にはいり、ビールを一杯飲んで、ごちそうを楽しみます。トナカイたちにおいしいえさをあげることも忘れていません。皮肉屋だけど実はやさしい、人間味あふれるサンタクロースを描いたクリスマスにぴったりの絵本です。引用:amazon




ゆめのたにの ふくろうたちは、ゆうぐれがちかづくと おやすみのおんがくを えんそうしはじめます。
ことりたちも りすたちも うさぎたちも やさしいしらべに うとうと。
えほんのなかの 5つのボタンをおすと メロディーがながれます。
1にちのおわりに こころやすらぐ クラシックの めいきょくをどうぞ! 引用:amazon



4歳児が、家で恐竜を育てたら……!?  引用:amazon



空から落ちてきたUFOから出てきたケガした宇宙人を助けてあげる物語です。人のために行動する優しさを学べる絵本。 引用:amazon






Picture book recommendations Adults and children can read together and have fun growing up

To purchase various picture books, please visit “Mottainai Honpo”, which has the largest inventory in Japan!



In addition, popular picture book products are available ♪ > For picture books and picture book character goods [Ehon Navi]

Picture Book Navi is one of the largest picture book information sites in Japan that introduces and sells picture books, children’s books, and picture book character goods.

More than 8,900 books can be partially read, and more than 2,300 books can be read as a whole.

In addition to popular original items that can’t be purchased elsewhere, such as the “mug cup” of a long-selling picture book such as a large turnip and a cat, there are also many limited products! It is also very popular as a gift!

Ehon Navi introduces picture books and picture book character goods throughout the year according to the season and events. The most popular among them is the “Age-specific picture book set”, which selects recommended picture books for each age group.

In addition, fluffy and cute stuffed animals, towels, stationery, and tableware that are perfect for small gifts are also available♪








Book House Cafe is a wonderland of picture books in Jimbocho, the town of books.

Book House Cafe こどもの絵本専門店

From the classics to the latest works, there are 10,000 titles of domestic and foreign picture books and children’s books here.

The market for children’s books such as picture books is expanding due to the increase in time spent at home and demand from adults.

If you live in the suburbs of Tokyo, why not visit once!

business hours


  • 11:00 AM – 6:30 PM

Closed now


  • 11:00 AM – 6:30 PM



  • Closed



  • 11:00 AM – 6:30 PM



  • 11:00 AM – 6:30 PM



  • 11:00 AM – 6:30 PM



  • 11:00 AM – 6:30 PM

Behind-the-scenes information for adults Picture book bar

After the shop closes, the back room on the first floor will become a bar. Book lovers come to this hideout at night.

On weekday nights, a small room in the back of the store becomes a bar. It is a luxurious space and time where you can enjoy alcohol while reading a picture book tonight. (It seems to enter from the back)


Picture books are great for children’s learning and for communication between parents and children.

A book I read over and over again when I was a kid. I think that many people have forgotten that they had a favorite picture book as they have fewer opportunities to touch it as they grow up. But picture books are not just for children. The things that are really great are the ones that I think are great regardless of age.

Why don’t you stop by the picture book corner of the bookstore or library once in a while?

I hope you find a book that will brighten your life and lighten your heart!


I would be happy if you could refer to it even a little.
Thank you for reading to the end.

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