Momofuku Ando, creator of Nissin Foods and Cup Noodles, blooms late at age 48.

日清食品 創業者はチキンラーメンなどヒット商品を生み出すが刑務所暮らしだった英語記事

Nissin Foods has various types of cup noodles, and they are very easy to eat and delicious, but who is the person who made this ramen?


I will answer such questions.


NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS has created a number of hit products, including chicken ramen, cup noodles, donbei, yakisoba UFO, Rao, curry mesh, and a new product, spicy noodles in a commercial featuring strange foreigners singing and dancing.Nissin Foods is widely loved by children and the elderly. Do you know the founder of Nissin Foods?

Momofuku Ando, creator of Nissin Foods and instant noodles


It’s never too late to learn. There are surprisingly many late blooming geniuses (late blooming successful people) if you study history.

Even if you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or even older, it takes a lot of courage to start something new, and once you take the first step, the possibilities are endless.

Of course, when it comes to mastering something, the earlier you learn, the better. In addition, office workers and housewives who are physically and mentally exhausted from busy days tend to give up without taking on the challenge, saying, “It’s impossible for me to start something new now.”

Why give up on your dreams?

Don’t you have the passion to turn your life upside down?

So in this article, he sends a message to you who is in such a resignation mode and wants you not to give up. Late bloomer Momofuku Ando (Founder of Nissin Food Products), who learned new things from his old age and succeeded.


Biography of Momofuku Ando, creator of Nissin Foods Cup Noodles

March 5, 1910 – January 5, 2007

Founder Momofuku Ando was born in 1910, when Halley’s Comet came very close to the earth.

Born in Taiwan during the period of Japanese rule, he was born under the name of Go Baek Hok and is a Taiwanese citizen. did.

He lost his parents when he was young, and grew up watching the business scene up close with his grandparents who ran a kimono shop.

Momofuku Ando, who had a strong sense of independence and a strong desire to start a business, chose the textile business first because he wanted to do something new that no one else was doing.

At the tender age of 22, he founded a company that sold knitwear, and he achieved great success.

He was also involved in other businesses, such as the manufacture of magic lanterns, the charcoal burning business, the manufacture of barrack houses, the production of salt, and the establishment of schools.

It was around this time that the entrepreneurial spirit of quickly catching the trends of the times and quickly commercializing them, as well as the vitality of not giving up even in the face of failure, sprouted.

And no matter what kind of business they did, they were based on the firm conviction that “Isn’t there something I can do to help people?”

After the end of the war, Japan experienced a food shortage, and the streets were flooded with hungry people.

Seeing this tragic scene, he said, “After all, food is important.

Without food, there would be no clothing, no housing, no art, no culture.”


Momofuku Ando, creator of Nissin Foods Cup Noodles, lives in prison

allegations of tax evasion

At the age of 38, in December 1948, after Japan was defeated in the war, he was accused of tax evasion by GHQ (the U.S. military that ruled Japan during the war) for selling salt.

Mr. Ando hired local young people in the aforementioned project and provided them with cash as “scholarships.” That was the reason.

He was sentenced to four years of hard labor and imprisoned in the Sugamo Detention Center.

In addition, all real estate owned by Mr. Ando in his personal name was confiscated.

After his imprisonment, the GHQ announced a statement by mentioning Momofuku, stating that “those who violate tax obligations will be severely punished.” Regarding this incident, Mr. Ando said, “It seems to have been used to show off.”

He was in prison until he was 48 years old.

Bankruptcy of Osaka Bank, found guilty of breach of trust

During his imprisonment, he was forced to liquidate the business he had been running, which sent his entrepreneurial life back to square one.

He was solicited by Osaka Bank, a credit union established in Osaka, and assumed the position of chairman, but in September 1957, Osaka Bank went bankrupt, and he became penniless.

In this bankruptcy, Ando was charged with breach of trust for misappropriating funds from Osaka Bank to buy up adzuki beans, and was sentenced to a suspended sentence.


Momofuku Ando Birth of Chicken Ramen

Development of instant noodles

Momofuku Ando At the age of 48, he started his new life!

lost all property.

However, Mr. Ando said, “All I lost was my property. In return, I gained experience through my blood and flesh.” remember the

“Ramen that you can eat at home as long as you have hot water”

decide to make a In order to crawl up from a penniless life, I started working towards the realization of my dream.


The concept of instant noodles

1) It’s delicious and you won’t get tired of it.

2) Preservable

3) It doesn’t take much time to cook

4) Inexpensive

5) Safe and hygienic


Determined to meet the 5 requirements of

From early morning until late at night, I shut myself up in a hut,

I spent a year working on making instant noodles.

Launch of Chicken Ramen








New product release date

Since its founding, many ramen noodles have been on sale!

①Chicken Ramen: 1958
② Nissin Yakisoba: July 1963
Cup Noodles: 1966
③ Cup rice: 1974
④ Donbei: August 1976 (Udon series)

: November 1976 (Soba Series)

⑤ Yakisoba UFO: May 1976

⑥ Rao: September 1992

⑦ Curry Meshi: August 2016

And a new product, a commercial featuring strange foreigners singing and dancing

“Cup Noodle Karamen” August 2021

With a perfect balance of “Umami 6:Spiciness 4”, this is the new standard of spiciness!!!

Nissin Foods cup noodles
5 million servings in 50 years since launch
Products change with the times
Commercials also make topics and monopolize!


Space food ramen “Space Ram”

Even at the age of 91 in his later years, he declared the development of space food with the spirit of not losing his motivation for product development.

He formed a project team and started development under the leadership of himself.

The space food ramen “Space Ram” was completed after careful consideration from various angles, such as the shape of the noodles so that the soup does not splatter even in zero gravity.

From the time instant noodles were invented, they proved to be an excellent food for the space age.


It’s never too late to learn!

Never give up, have passion, no matter what the situation, even if you fail, if you continue to make efforts, you will have a chance to start new things and succeed even in your 30s, 40s, 50s, even in old age!

If you tend to give up, please read this and take the first step towards your dream.

There is a saying, “Forty and not confused,” but that was the story of the 50-year life.

In this age of 100 years of life, J. Dyson started selling vacuum cleaners at the age of 39, Momofuku Ando invented cup noodles at the age of 48, Uncle Colonel founded Kentucky at the age of 65, and Fabre was founded. Completed Insect Chronicles at the age of 84. At 40 and 50, you are still young!

Please read the following books and take on the challenge!



I would be happy if you could refer to it even a little.

Thank you for reading to the end.


Thank you for your support.

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