Admire the muscles of Natalie Portman (Saw Love & Thunder)! You can be beautiful even at the age of 41

ナタリーポートマン(映画ソー ラブ&サンダー)の筋肉に絶賛!41歳でも綺麗なマッチョになれる英語記事



Natalie Portman who played the new hero in the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”. Natalie’s well-trained and beautiful muscles have become a hot topic!




Natalie’s arm muscles are amazing! How did you get your artistic muscles?


I will answer these questions.


In the movie Thor: Love and Thunder, Natalie Portman is dressed in a costume that sometimes reveals his arm muscles. In other words, you can see the ridges of the muscles even at angles that are difficult to see.


Admire the muscles of Natalie Portman (Saw Love & Thunder)! You can be beautiful even at the age of 41!


Natalie’s total training period is 10 months. “At first, I was planning to train her arms and abdominal muscles, but in order to achieve my goal without injury, I started by getting her body used to it.” “I started training five months before the filming, and continued to work out during the shoot to keep her muscle mass in check.”


In this article, Natalie Portman and her trainer, Naomi Pendergast, will explain Natalie Portman’s training and diet.


■What you can learn from reading this article
  • Profile of Natalie Portman
    How Natalie Portman trains
    Get the same body as Natalie Portman



Natalie Portman

Date of birth: June 9, 1981
Birthplace: Israel
Height: 160cm
Weight: 53Kg
She is Natalie who lost weight to 44 kg at the time of the movie “Black Swan”.
Her weight fluctuates from 53kg depending on her role. If anything, there is always a more delicate and thin image. She actually looks skinnier, so maybe she’s been working out so hard that she’s muscular and heavy!


She began her acting career after being scouted by her agent on the way home from dance lessons at a public school in New York.

She later appeared on MTV’s She’s a Children’s Show. She made her spectacular debut when she won the role of Matilda in “Leon” out of 2,000 candidates.


She continued to build her career steadily after that, and she played the role of ‘Queen Amidala’ in ‘Star Wars: Her Episode I: The Phantom Menace’.


From 1999 she went on to the prestigious Harvard University where she majored in psychology and graduated in June 2003. Then, in 2004, she starred in actor Zach Braff’s directorial debut, Four Days at the End and the Beginning.


In Mike Nichols’ romantic movie “Closer,” she dared to take on the role of a stripper, throwing off her innocent image, and received high acclaim. won the Best Supporting Actress award at the Golden Globe Awards.



In 2010, she finally won an Oscar for Best Actress for her role as a physically and mentally challenged ballerina in “Black Swan.” She also announced her engagement and pregnancy with French choreographer Benjamin Millepied, whom she met while filming the film, and appeared pregnant at the award ceremony. She gave birth to a boy in June 2011, after which she officially entered the family register.


Natalie Portman training


Natalie mainly trained her upper body.

Boxing, running, and arm, back, and chest workouts three times a week. The remaining two days were devoted to the recovery period of the body, such as stretching and exercises to prevent injuries, mainly Pilates.

Training averages 1.5 to 2 hours per day.


Natalie Portman upper body strengthening


The menu for strengthening the upper body is roughly divided into two.


Natalie Portman training basics

① Warming up using rubber bands and slide discs.

② Superset training with a 1 minute stretch.


Natalie Portman arm enhancements

In order to build muscle in the arms, after warming up for 2-3 minutes, I did circuit training that combined multiple menus. Both include menus for training your arms.


The first set is dumbbell rowing (10 reps) and offset push-ups (10 reps).

2nd set: dumbbell reverse fly (10 reps) and seated shoulder press (10 reps)

The third set is dumbbell arm raises (20 reps) and pull-ups (6-8 reps).

4th set: dumbbell curls (10-12 reps)

End your workout with cardio training to increase endurance,
That is, I did aerobic exercise.
3 sets of boxing and jump rope for 2 minutes each. A minute and a half rest between each set.



Natalie Portman abs strengthening

A menu that adds variations to the familiar crunch that strengthens the abdominal muscles.

Basic Abdominal Crunches with feet on the floor, Abdominal Crunches with raised feet, and Abdominal Crunches with a twist, each set of 20 reps.

Then lift the weight overhead with an overhead raise and hold for 1 minute for 3 sets.

The muscles of Chris Evans who played Captain America are amazing! You can also get that body with the muscle training method! ?


Pilates is training from three elements

Pilates is a form of exercise developed by German nurse Joseph H.

By strengthening the inner muscles in the deep layers of the body and balancing the entire body, it leads to an ideal body and health, such as a beautiful posture with a straight back and a supple and free-moving body.

(1) Inner muscle

It is known that the surface layer of the body has outer muscles that can be moved at will. In general, it is this outer muscle that is trained by weight training and muscle training at the gym.

Pilates, on the other hand, emphasizes the inner muscles of the deep muscles that cannot be touched by hand.

The way to raise inner muscle and lead to stability is simple. First, put your head in the correct position. Move while stretching your neck and back on it. This is the foundation of Pilates.

(2) Posture improvement

The main effect you can expect from continuing Pilates is improved posture and a change in your body line.

By exercising while conscious of the correct position of the head, neck and back, the inner muscles are strengthened and the posture is improved. Then your body will move properly.

In other words, since the trunk is stable and the movement of bones and muscles is accurate, it not only leads to the prevention of injuries and breakdowns, but also improves the performance of the body.
This seems to be the reason why many athletes focus on Pilates.

Improving your posture will also help relieve muscle stiffness and pain.
Since the movement of the body becomes smooth, not only the body line but also the posture will be refined and beautiful.

(3) chest breathing

Breathing in Pilates is based on thoracic breathing that activates the sympathetic nerves.
As you inhale, spread your ribs wide enough to bring in more oxygen.

When you inhale air deeply into your chest with thoracic breathing, the diaphragm attached to the bottom of your ribs, the transversus abdominis, which is the inner muscle around your stomach, and even the pelvic floor muscles that support your internal organs in your pelvis move.
Then, it can stimulate the cells of the internal organs, so they are activated.

If you continue to practice Pilates by paying attention to each part of your body while breathing correctly, you can expect your posture and body line to become beautiful, your body to move more accurately, and your internal organs to become more active. .


Natalie Portman diet and supplements

In order to increase her muscle strength, Natalie was careful not only about training, but also about her diet.

Naomi, a trainer, said that Natalie is a vegan, so “she’s a very healthy person, so there was no need to change her diet drastically.” We have increased the amount of

A vegan is a vegetarian who does not eat meat or fish, and vegans do not eat eggs, dairy products, or honey.

Vegans who do not consume animal products tend to have less protein than those who consume animal products.

However, it is difficult to change Natalie’s diet 180 degrees, so we measured the basal metabolism first. From the results, he calculated the calories and nutrients required per day to make his body bigger, and set up a plan to add the protein necessary for his previous diet.

He also added a vegan-friendly protein supplement, and said that he took in a considerable amount of protein throughout the day.


Oatmeal and berries for breakfast.

Falafel for lunch

Vegetable curry for dinner. Snack on fruits, nuts, and salads when you’re feeling a bit hungry.
In addition to meals, he drank a plant-based protein drink with every meal.


Get a body like Natalie Portman!


In terms of food, it seems that you are taking protein as carefully as a bodybuilder, and you can feel the daily effort!


natalie portman supplements





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Everyone is surprised that Natalie, who has completed such a harsh training, has not suffered a single serious injury for 10 months.

Trainer Naomi praised Natalie’s posture, which accumulated efforts and got a body suitable for Mighty Thor, saying, “She adjusted herself so that she could do everything well.”


I would be happy if you could refer to it even a little.

Thank you for reading to the end.





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