Kana Kawaguchi started helping the homeless at the age of 14! The job she dreamed of since middle school


Are there any organizations that help the homeless? Is there a job support service for homeless people?

I will answer these questions.



“Kana Kawaguchi, the chairman of the certified NPO Homedoor, started her own business and is still active today!


Kana Kawaguchi started helping the homeless at the age of 14! The job she dreamed of since middle school


A 31-year-old social entrepreneur who helps homeless people. We provide jobs to homeless people by running a bicycle-sharing business.

Kana Kawaguchi is a social entrepreneur who has been working on the homeless problem since she was 14 years old.

In an attempt to create jobs for the homeless, she launched a bicycle-sharing business, which now generates nearly 50 million yen in annual sales. She also helped over 2,000 homeless people.

This article introduces the story of Kana Kawaguchi, who decided her life at the age of 14 and found her job from her life on the street.

Summary of this article
  • Part 1: Profile of social entrepreneur Kana Kawaguchi
    Part 2: The trigger to support the homeless is from the word “Otchan”
    Part 3: NPO Homedoor Information

Profile of Kana Kawaguchi

Kana Kawaguchi
Born in Osaka in 1991. At the age of 14, she encountered the problem of homelessness. Aiming to solve the homeless attack case, she started activities such as soup kitchens and workshops.

At age 17 she was selected as a US Volunteer Goodwill Ambassador and she attends an international conference in Washington, D.C.

After graduating from high school, she continued her research on the homeless problem and entered the Faculty of Economics at Osaka City University.

At the age of 19, he established Homedoor with the aim of creating a society in which anyone could escape from the streets if they wanted to. Started share cycle HUBchari business.

From 2018, she will also start operating an 18-room private accommodation facility “And Center”.

So far, she has provided employment and livelihood support to more than 2,000 people in need.

Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum (commonly known as the Davos Conference) and Nikkei WOMAN “Woman of the Year 2019”, Forbes magazine’s 30 under 30 people who will change Japan “30 UNDER 30 JAPAN”, Youth Edition People’s Honor Award He has received many awards, including the 31st Human Power Award Grand Prix and Prime Minister’s Encouragement Award sponsored by the Junior Chamber International Japan.


14-year-old met a homeless “uncle”


Kana Kawaguchi has been stuck in her heart for a long time while she was doing her night watch. That is what her “uncle” told me, “I wonder if there’s a job I can do.”

The “uncle” she met was running her company, but when her parent company went bankrupt, her own company also went bankrupt. She left because she had a lot of debt and couldn’t bother her family, and in order to hide from her debt harassment, she came to Kamagasaki in search of day labor.

However, her uncle was too weak to do the harsh day labor, and she became homeless. This old man is already 63 years old.


While listening to her uncle’s story, Kana Kawaguchi asked her uncle, “I wondered if there was anything she could do.”

“So.. For now, I want to work properly again. I wonder if there’s a job I can do.”


The uncle “want to work”, “want to start over”, “want to work again and do his best”. When she heard her words, she couldn’t help but cheer.


Determination from the first step of supporting the homeless

After hearing his words, I started looking for a job that the 63-year-old man could work without telling him that day. There were a lot of problems such as how to contact the homeless uncle, the cost of living until I got my salary, and what to wear to work.

As a result, she couldn’t find a job either. On the next month’s night patrol day, I looked for him to talk to her uncle, but I couldn’t find him. I asked another uncle who was near where my uncle used to sleep.

“Do you know where the uncle who was sleeping over there went?”

“Oh, he died the other day.”

Shocked, hammered impact on the head! I want to start my life over again, but I have to leave this world without that wish coming true.

“I don’t like this kind of society!”


Draw in a dream notebook and start again


In conclusion, the activities so far have not focused on the essence of the homeless problem. Society will not change unless we solve the fundamental problem of the homeless, not just a temporary solution. I thought it would be important to create a mechanism to start over from the homeless life and a society that can deal with it.

and drew a picture. A picture of the idea like a last-minute temple. I drew a floor plan of a facility where if something happened, I would rush in here first.


Layout of last-minute facilities

① Private room where you can relax

②Café area where you can eat warm rice and have a nutritious meal

③Vocational training classroom

④ Children’s home


⑥Medical facilities

⑦ Counseling room

⑧ Music room



photo quotes:DIAMOND on line

I drew a picture while adding my own hobby.

What is Kana Kawaguchi’s next dream?

My next dream is to renovate the building next door and turn it into a cafe.

I thought it necessary to create new jobs for homeless men. It has added a function that allows people to eat healthy meals while staying at the & Center and receiving employment support at the cafe. He talks about his dream that he wants to make it a place where he can get a chance to find his next job.

“I want to create a society where anyone can start over again and again.”


The goal drawn by 14-year-old Kana Kawaguchi was a tremendously ambitious goal, but thanks to the people who cooperated as if to respond to Kana Kawaguchi’s action, such a place is gradually becoming a reality.


In today’s world where the future is uncertain, I feel uneasy and pessimistic, but I hope you don’t throw your life away because there is a place like this. The kindness of Ms. Kana Kawaguchi and the importance of the heart that challenges her life over again are conveyed.


This time, we have summarized Kana Kawaguchi, who has been helping homeless people since she was 14 years old. You can also see from TV and interviews that she has a very nice personality.

If there is anything we can do, we would love to participate!

I would be happy if you could refer to it even a little.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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