Flying abroad Europe Part 3 Czech Edition


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This time, I talked about it in yesterday’s article

Europe Part 3 Czech Republic edition.

Then he started

First, a hotel in the city as a base for activities

I started by renting a room.

3 people in a small private room

The leader is in a single room (it can’t be helped since he’s the next president)

By the way, I live on the floor above this office.

Commuting time: 2-3 minutes

Purchase office supplies such as desks, telephones, and fax machines,

Prepare your network.

At that time, the network did not have WiFi or optical lines.

Analog line This is a method of connecting by dialing up with a PC.

Sound from the computer

It’s been 21 years, and now it’s convenient!

Make this your immediate base

the mission is

(1) Establishment of a company with the city government

(2) Factory construction site decision, provisional factory preparation, factory layout

(3) Recruitment of human resources after company establishment

(4) Taking over production-related matters from the UK factory

etc. Many

You have to go step by step.

By the way, the temporary factory and office are like this.

I worked on the interior work beautifully.

Car is a means of transportation

For the time being, the car will not be provided to each individual, but will be handed over to each individual after the company is established.

Speaking of Czech cars,

The type of vehicle provided is Octavia

Not “tom sneaking gossip” here…..

“Czech Sneaking Rumors Part 1”

It seems that food is difficult for Japanese people living alone in Europe and America.

Almost the same meal from morning!

Ladies and gentlemen, can you eat like this every day? !

It was painful. . . . . . .

“Czech Sneaking Rumors Part 2”

At that time, there were almost no Japanese ingredients in the Czech Republic, and

It seems that they will go shopping for a day by car or train!

Destination Germany and Austria

“Czech Sneaking Rumors Part 3”

There is a Japanese in the city of Pardubice

You’ve taken over the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant!

I did this! incident

(There are Chinese restaurants all over the world!)

Bring Japanese ingredients here

Katsudon, beef bowl, Chinese rice bowl, etc.

Tell the Chinese in the store

Added a menu!

I have increased the menu of more than 10 kinds!

It is the activity category of the so-called reptilian brain.

The brainstem makes the heart beat regardless of will,

As if you are still breathing even when you are asleep,

It is the basic function that keeps living things alive.

If you sense danger, avoid it,

Like eating when you’re hungry

It is said to be a reptilian brain that controls life support functions.

Let’s talk about this reptilian brain for another time!

(related to the subconscious)

Return the story.

While I’m talking

Finally, in the spring of 2001, the company started operation

my responsibility is

Material purchasing, material management, logistics, customs clearance, and reception staff

once again

“Czech Sneaking Rumors Part 4”

When a customer comes all the way from afar

I will show you around the city and Prague,

The theory that I don’t want to go to the same place anymore

At first I was impressed by the 13th century building,

It’s painful to go over and over again. . . . .

once again

“Czech Sneaking Rumors Part 5”

In the Czech Republic, winter temperatures can drop below minus 20 degrees!

It’s hard to melt the ice and snow every morning, and my body freezes during that time


Years passed, August 2002

I got a call from my boss in Japan.

“Tom, there will be a vacancy in Beijing in January next year.

what will you do? ”

That’s an immediate answer.

“I’m going! Please let me go.”


Next time, he will be from the Czech edition to the Beijing edition.

Thank you for your continued support.



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