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This is a story 21 years ago.


Episode 1 To the Czech city of Pardubice

Start of Eastern Europe project!

From the project leader regarding the start

“TOM, please come to this place alone at this time on this day.”

“Make sure!”

In response to the instruction, at the specified place at the specified date and time

We have started an investigation to arrive.

Well, it’s a business order, so I have no choice but to obey it ……….


Narita Airport → Dusseldorf, Germany

Flight time about 12 hours

(There was no direct flight from Japan to Prague, Czech Republic at that time)

Dusseldorf → Prague

2 hours flight time, 5 hours including waiting time secured

So how do you move from Prague to the city of Pardubice?

The rental car is the place where we are starting to drive in the middle of the night this time.

Rejected and decided to move by train.

And when you arrive at Pardubice station, take a taxi to the designated hotel

You can arrive at the date and time and place where you received the instruction




Episode 2 until arrival

Move from YCAT (Yokohama City Air Terminal) to Narita Airport

My boss / colleague came to see me off.

thank you very much!

Narita Airport → Dusseldorf, Germany

12 hours flight time

Hehehe ………. This time is also business class!

20 hours have passed ………………….. Finally arrived in Prague!


Next, go to Prague station

Take a taxi

Please go to Prague station (in English)

“Mum? I don’t understand English!”

Is he Czech instead of English here? !!

By the way, in Czech he is hello

“Dobrý den”

“Thank you Děkuju”

Finally depart while showing photos etc.

The night view of Prague seen from the taxi window

It’s like a fairyland

Arrive at Prague station

It’s hard to buy a ticket!

2 hours long trip …

It’s slow!

Arrive at Pardubice station

It’s already in a state of sickness …………

(The photo shows the station in the daytime, but the arrival is after 12:00 in the middle of the night)

It was pitch black in front of the station and nobody was there!

There is no taxi!

1 hour waiting for a taxi

at last

I can’t speak English here either!

When you show your address, the driver

“I know! I understand!”

Arrive at the hotel

Check in

Enter the room

Call the team leader

Me: “I’ve just arrived at the hotel!”

Leader: “Thank you for your hard work, see you tomorrow at the city government.”

eh! only this?

This intention of the project leader (former S section chief)

It seems that each member is trying to determine the applicability overseas.

Know how to get to your destination yourself

Ability to go to any place and deal with problems

Execution ability and courage


It seems that it was to identify the elected members.

Why is that?

From now on, we will negotiate with the city government and various organizations

This is to proceed with the establishment, construction, and operation of the company.

After this, a contract was made from an inspection of the land where the factory will be built.

Preparing to establish a company

Temporary office contract

And so on, he has a lot of things to do.

It was a long sentence, but thank you for reading this far.


From this story, I realized my childhood dream.

What should I do to make it even bigger?

I would appreciate it if you could read it.

Focus on your dreams (desires)

Talk about that dream

The feelings when that dream came true

While holding

Express both inside and outside

It gives rise to energy

The desire is attracted.

to be continued




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