Flying overseas Europe Part 1


Hello, this is TOM.

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I will update it today as well.


This time, I talked about it in yesterday’s article.

It will be the European edition.

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Finished the American mission

Next to England

Somehow in the movie

want to see.

British mission is two months

Short-term decisive battle

The mission is particularly special, the recent support stationed in the field.

But English in England

Because it’s authentic English

Difficult to hear from pronunciation!

The image is a movie of Harry Patter

Feeling to pronounce while exhaling from the nose

So I can’t hear English!

Moreover, he is of Irish descent

What are you really saying

I can not understand at all!

With experience in the United States and the United Kingdom

You have improved your English considerably.

A mysterious place that I often went by car in England


Located on the Salisbury Plains in England

Most of Stonehenge

About 5000 years ago, the Stone Age people

A huge sarsen stone

Since assembling the sandstone

Almost unchanged.

If you go here

“I don’t know what it is, but I can feel the energy.”

“Do what you like wherever you go”


I have completed my two-month British mission.

After returning to Japan

A new mission has begun.

The next mission is

Established and started operation of factory in Eastern Europe.

Move UK production base to Eastern Europe


Czech Republic (Capital: Prague)

New factory establishment project launched

4 members

I was chosen

Czech Republic

A country surrounded by Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria

However, the factory construction is not in the capital city of Prague

A two and a half hour drive east of Prague

座標 : 北緯50度02分19秒 東経15度46分45秒
市長Jaroslav Deml
  域77.71 km2
    人口密度  1,135人/km2
公式ウェブサイト : 


Pardubice (Czech: Pardubice, German: Pardubitz) is

The capital of the Czech Republic Pardubice.

Located on the banks of the Elbe, 104 km east of Prague.

The city was built around 1340,

By the beginning of the 13th century there was already a monastery here.

Pardubice is an important industrial city.

There is a chemical factory Syntesia that produces Semtex,

There is an oil refinery, Páramo, a heavy machinery industry and an electrical equipment factory.

In June 2000, a factory owned by a Taiwanese company was completed.

It produces parts for Compaq and Apple Computer.

The factory is the former electric industry company Tesla

The labor resources left after the withdrawal were reused.

Church of St. Bartolomeus facing the Republic Square

Horse racing, famous since 1874

Velka Pardubitzka is held every fall (usually in mid-October).

It is said to be the toughest horse racing race on the European continent.

Ice Hockey Domestic League Czech Extraliga

It is the home of one of the powerhouses, HC Pardubice.

After this, the two-year battle begins here!

Really he has become Tom Cruise’s “Mission Impossible”!

The story of this movie was in the Czech Republic!

By the way, he said TOM is the name that Americans gave him in America.

TOM = Tomoo

Because it will be a long sentence

It will continue to the next!





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