Flying overseas America edition


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Flying overseas America edition

I was told by the S section chief. .. .. .. ..

“You can’t do it in Asia alone!”

If you don’t experience the West, you’ll be sick! ”

What does ❓

Do you know Asia, China, Europe and America and are full-fledged?

That’s it! Ryoma Sakamoto also aimed to become the Kaientai of the world!

For me who longs for Ryoma Sakamoto

The road that Europe and the United States must take!








Two months later, when I went to Atlanta, USA

I received a notice from my boss.





I can’t speak English at all ………

Chief S: “I haven’t worked for a month,

At the Language Training Center

Have them study hard! ”





Originally a positive person of Noh weather

I think everything is positive.

Accept without resistance

Leave yourself to the flow

There is no such great opportunity.

I thought that if I mastered English here, I would be connected to the next one.

Desperately start studying English





One month has passed ……..







Presentation on the last day of language training

All announced in English!





you can do it if you try!


America is a car society

Obtained an international driver’s license

So I’m leaving for America!





Appointment period ………..

Half a year


Confidential mission from boss

It’s already been 24 years, so it will be prescription.

Close the company!



What! That’s right!

However, I did my best during my assignment!

America is also in the west (California) and here in the east

English pronunciation is different

English for work and meetings

Daily conversation in English

Meal or self-catering at a Japanese restaurant at night




At noon he is an American burger and pizza. ..

In the suburbs of Atlanta

A photo of the Civil War was engraved

You can see a huge rock.

You can climb on the rocks.





Life in America was great.

Golf after work on weekends and daylight savings time







Go to the cinema and watch the latest movie

Invite your family on consecutive holidays

Disney World in Florida

Universal Studios






America was so great that I couldn’t explain it anymore.

After returning to Japan

From my boss

Next is England!

This story will be long too

I will talk about it next time.


Next time, we will talk about Europe, England & Czech Republic.

to be continued



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