Flying abroad Part 1



Hello, this is TOM.

I am already retired now, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank my bosses for teaching and educating me. Thank you very much to Mr. Y, Mr. T, Mr. S, and all the people who have been involved with me! appreciate. I love you!

Flying abroad



My first overseas business trip was to buy parts from Taiwan, and at this time, the plane on my first trip was suddenly in business class. .. .. Not economy. I also received my first travel allowance.

There are representative offices for purchasing materials in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and since then, I have been active based on these three offices when traveling overseas.


I was able to attract my dreams and money.

Behind this realization, I now think that I was in a mode where I did what I liked, always had exciting emotions, tasted those emotions, and received them without resistance.

One year, from the director Y of the big boss

“You will have a budget of 40 million yen for overseas business trips, so please achieve results!”

For me in my twenties, the overseas activity cost is 40 million yen!

It burned!

Overseas Taiwan, China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia for 3 weeks out of 1 month

In an era when there was no smartphone at that time, I used to carry a pager and call my boss with the code number that I decided to be my boss, and this code number was displayed when I received a call.

The most common message

“When will you come back to Japan?”

A happy person who can do his favorite work while having fun.

As a result, I was able to receive the Business Manager Award and contribute significantly to the business, and I was able to give back to my boss company!

Then we will move on to the next stage.

I was told by the S section chief. .. .. .. ..

“You can’t do it in Asia alone! If you don’t experience Europe and America, you’ll be sick!”

Training in English all day without working for a month. .. .. .. ..

And the first station in the United States (Atlanta)

Next in the UK (long-term business trip)

And he is stationed in the Czech Republic (including Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and France)

After that, Beijing (resident) → Shanghai (resident). .. .. .. ..

I was able to really “fly in the world”.

There are various episodes and interesting stories, but it will be long to write, so I would like to talk about it again sometime.

So this time, thank you so far until the end.

See you dear!



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