When can I go abroad? 

女性と子供 湖畔で富士山を見る英語記事


This is TOM

It’s like a manga, but it’s a true story.

When can I go abroad?


Joined a major electronics manufacturer, received a week of new employee training, and now! Assigned.

I am assigned to a so-called craftsman who manufactures a business division that produces telephones.

I goes into the production line and assembles and inspects. .. .. .. .. .. ..

“Are? Overseas … ???”

And the first job is packing the product. Packing work because the body is big, strong and newcomer

Make a box every day and put the product in it. ..

After that, the work of arranging the parts for assembly on the belt conveyor. .. .. .. ..

“Overseas is quite far …”



⭐️ Here’s a funny story # 1,

Do you guys know about Thunderbird TV shows? A drama using American-made dolls. A story about an international rescue team helping people in a disaster.

This international rescue team is dispatched and moves on a belt conveyor when boarding a jet plane.

I did this on the production line. I lie on my back on the conveyor belt and move. .. ..

The body is moving on a conveyor belt.

Then, I met the manufacturing boss (the boss was looking from above)

What happened then? !!

As a punishment, he was ordered to clean the manufacturing department for a day and he was very angry!

(He’s a fool!)



⭐️ Funny story part 2

Certainly, the division had a rally once every six months. This is to pray for the achievement of the business plan and to create a sense of unity among all employees and do our best.

In the ceremony, there was a program to give out from each department.

As a leader in the manufacturing department, I was working on my peers and their offerings.

Around this time, Johnny’s Shonentai made its debut at Kamen Butokai. It is also the time when Kyoko Koizumi is singing “What an idol”.

My plan was to start “Nantette Idol”, then sing and dance the Kamen Butokai of the Shonentai, and then dance together.

Of course, using the privilege of the leader, it is the role of Nishikori in the middle.

The Shonentai were doing acrobatics such as tapirus! I also incorporated backflip and backflip between the songs.

Before this show, I was practicing backflip in the air.

Here again he was doing stupid things.

I practiced tapirus at the manufacturing site. (Success rate so far is almost 100%)

I flew because it was a tapirus. .. .. .. .. .. My leg slipped a little. .. .. .. .. ..

The line of sight stops at the ceiling! .. .. .. .. Ah! .. .. .. .. .. fell. .. .. ..

I fell from my head. .. .. .. Let’s head. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. I managed to go to the medical office. .. ..

This is known to his boss and he gets angry again. .. .. .. .. ..

(It’s really stupid!)


the assembly work and an inspector.

The story goes back, and half a year later, the assembly work. .. .. .. And an inspector. .. .. .. .. ..

One year later, work to manage the production status of the new production line and repair defective products.

“When can I go abroad?” .. .. .. .. .. “I will be able to go someday …”

I worked in manufacturing for a year and two months. and. .. .. .. .. ..

A turning point will come.

From the manufacturing boss, “You will move to purchase from tomorrow!”

What is “purchasing”? A department that buys bread etc.? !! (Exposed idiot)

Material purchasing is the work of purchasing parts and electronic devices for production by contracting from outside and supplying them to the production department.

Can the material purchasing department go abroad? A fun place?

Even at that time, the people who could go abroad were very talented people who could speak English. (I can’t speak Japanese at all, I can’t speak English at all)


Why did my new boss pull me to buy materials?

What do you think?

My boss says. .. .. .. .. ..

Because you were the most energetic

.. .. .. .. .. I’m just fine (laughs)


I don’t have the skills to buy materials, I don’t know the parts, I don’t know anything. .. .. .. .. ..

He has no idea when he starts work! (Crying)

I can’t understand at all! .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

From there, I studied hard one-on-one with my seniors in the department, and studied all night in the dormitory. .. .. ..

Study every day. .. .. .. I wonder if I studied for about 2 years

However, I haven’t given up on my dream of working abroad!

I have acquired a lot of work skills, experienced various things through mistakes, imitated people,

I was able to run my own business and gained independence.

I’ve also been peeling what I want to do.

I have also proposed a new job!

and. .. .. .. .. .. .. Transferred to material purchasing 4 years later, became in charge of international purchasing.

The chance to go abroad has arrived!

At that time, due to the strong yen, we had the opportunity to procure parts from overseas.

Come on! Let’s go abroad!

Launched the rocket of desire, and that dream has come true

I was feeling and imagining it.


See you dear!



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