New on the day (Ryoma Sakamoto)

New on the day英語記事

Hello, this is TOM.

Creating new things means

It won’t be easy. .. .. .. ..

New on the day (Ryoma Sakamoto)



坂本龍馬像in白浜 高知県

After all, instead of thinking that the current situation is fixed

I think it will change day by day

A new creation may be born from flexible thinking

Is it not?

Where does that flexible thinking come from?

That’s because he has an honest heart

Isn’t it created?


Ryoma Sakamoto is said to have been a masterpiece,

After all, he was at that time

I think he was the Lord with a very honest heart.

Because he had an honest heart

Always looking ahead of the world, new ways of thinking one after another

Can produce and take a better way

I think he was able to keep up with the times.

The end


We will deliver energy!

o, + :. ☆. * ・ +. o, + :. ☆. * ・ +.

Don’t be serious

If you get serious, you can see the way!


o, + :. ☆. * ・ +. o, + :. ☆. * ・ +.



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