Go beyond the dimension of thought!


Hello, this is TOM.

How is everyone!

Thank you for visiting, thank you!


Go beyond the dimension of thought!

The theme is

“Beyond the momentum and thoughts of feelings (heart)”.

You cannot be happy with a sense of duty and a sense of mission!

The word business

The original meaning is

“Feeling momentum”

That’s right.

In other words, the economy is good

The momentum of the heart is good.

If the momentum of your heart is good

It means that everyone acts and money goes around.

And what I want to say to everyone!

Be stupid

Que Sera Sera

Don’t sink! Feel!

Let It Be

What these words have in common

Don’t depend on your thoughts, go beyond your thoughts!

… that means.

From the time I noticed it

In the truest sense

Your own life begins. .. ..

The important thing is

Roots and trunks (essence)

If you do it well

You can have a fulfilling life that is unique to you.

But … to put it the other way around

The roots and trunks

If not solid

With a little thing

Always swung around

It will be a weak and painful life.

But most people

Because I’m pursuing branches and leaves and flowers in the near future

untill forever

alive! I couldn’t get the feeling

… I’m exhausted at the end.

Already such

A method like symptomatic treatment


The wandering life

I have to finish it loosely …

Please read to the end

Thank you ☆

I’m muttering on Twitter too!

トム@考動力の極意(@Youxitom)さん | Twitter
トム@考動力の極意 (@Youxitom)さんの最新ツイート アラフィフからSNS×リアルビジネス×コンテンツビジネス構築を目指して日々奮闘中/たったひとつの考動で人生、ビジネスが面白いほど好転/0から∞を生みだす考動力の秘密を伝授します/自分軸で「あなたがあなたらしく生きるため」を指南 まあ、大風呂敷広げてますがねえ...

See you soon!


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