Is it possible to control the mind? The answer is possible if you focus on emotions


Is it possible to control the mind? The answer is possible if you focus on emotions


“Control your mind

Is it possible to do it? ”

The conclusion is “possible”!

You usually have your feelings

Do you have control?

You can get rid of it right away

I feel sad for a little bit

Show people and emotions who are good at expressing emotions

There are various people such as those who do not give it out.

Feelings when talking to other people

If you can control it well,

To get around well

can make it, right.


If you explode your emotions when it matters

Sometimes you miss a chance,

Controlling emotions

It’s harder than you think!

Let’s control our emotions

How to control your emotions well

I will explain about such things.


Let’s control the mind (emotion) Part 1

This is based on Western thought,

In the theory of managing life

As is often said,

Control your mind …

To be clear … I can’t!



I said you can do it at the beginning!

Because controlling the mind …

You need a “subject” to control.

So where is the controlling subject? Speaking of which

After all it will be the “brain”.

But the brain itself

It is dominated by the “heart (emotion)”.



“Well, is that so ???”

Yes, this is not a theory I made myself

This is a story that the latest brain science has proved properly.


Speaking of how the brain works,

The center of emotion is

It is located in the limbic system (amygdala) at the back of the brain.

“Reason (theory and thinking)” is controlled by

The neocortex, but from the amygdala (emotion)

The neural circuit to the neocortex (reason) is better

Rather than vice versa, the ties of Niuron are much stronger,

It is known to have a large impact.

“Then … that means !?”


Yes, the brain, which is controlled by the mind (emotion),

Dominating the mind (emotion) is

It is logically impossible.


And what is impossible,

I’m trying to control it

No, you’re in pain


“If you say so … maybe.”

Yes, it’s not, it’s actually (bitter smile)


In other words, controlling emotions with reason is

It cannot be done from the structure of the brain.



“The mind (emotion) controls the brain.”

That is a more natural story from a scientific point of view.




“Well then, what should I do?”




“I’ve been trying hard to control my mind!”

“Somehow, I don’t understand!”


Yes, don’t worry^^



Let’s control the mind (emotion) Part 2

The brain, which is strongly influenced by the mind (emotion),

You cannot control that mind (emotion).

I said, but

Then why

“Let’s control the mind (emotion).”

Did the idea come out? ??

It believes in logic and reason (close to faith?)

This is because it is based on “Western thought”.

In a nutshell, the nature of Western thought

“Everything can be solved with logic (reason).”

That’s the point of view.

Therefore, “the mind (emotion) can also be controlled by reason (brain).”

That is to say.

Especially after the 17th century Descartes

Based on Western thought

The logic (rationalism) principle of “modern rationalism (modern)”

It covered not only the West but also the world.

* You may be imprinted too @@;

“There is nothing that cannot be explained by logic or reason.”

Their claim is

“There is no god or mind that cannot be explained by logic or reason,

They are just what the brain created. ”

It becomes a logical conclusion that

That flow became materialism by Darwin and Marx.

It was taken over.

But, as Dragger says,

Logicism (modern) has already been unlocked.

And what that means is

It is the limit of “Western thought” that created modernity (logicism).

“You can rule the world with logic.”

The claim that can be said to be arrogant

The last big fireworks were launched

I think it was an event called “globalism.”

It’s already the past tense.


… it’s going to be long


* I would like to add it just in case.

It does not deny Western thought.


Please read to the end

Thank you ☆

See you soon!

Thank you for your support.

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