The worries of child-rearing begin to turn into a virtuous cycle! The hint is to remove the magnifying glass


Solving child-rearing worries!

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The theme is “Parenting”


“Parenting” is a family that everyone has children

I think it is one of the big problems.

The same is true for my home. .. .. .. ..

What is worrisome is the daughter of a fourth grader.



Can’t get up easily in the morning

It ’s quite careless and there are many omissions.

There have been various things so far,

I’m constantly worried, “Is this okay?” “Did you finish your homework?”

“Are you ready for tomorrow’s school?” “What about gym clothes?”


When I get anxious, I can say

It’s easy to say negative things.


It ’s like trying to wear the color glasses of “worry”.

All I can see is my daughter’s worries.



I’m just focusing on what my daughter can’t do and what’s wrong

There were many things that my daughter didn’t have, but I realized that I wasn’t aware of those parts by going to the back.


Patience, humorous things, what you are good at,

Even if I noticed the positive part, I didn’t put it into words

“It’s a nice place” or “It’s amazing because it’s made”

“If you do that, your friends will be happy.”

If I can convey it in more words,

My daughter’s smiles have increased, she has become brighter, and she has more family life.

School life may be fun too.


Rather than slamming or talking about worries

There are many other things I can do for my daughter.

For family members close to you

Focus only on the negative parts

I’m aware of the positive part

I think there are many things that I don’t convey in words and attitudes.


If you remove “worried glasses”,

The field of vision becomes brighter.

I was sick of what I was told by the people around me

Wobble, anxiety or worry

Even when you get angry or hatred

Like this to remove “worried glasses”

I think I should switch within myself.

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