Realizing dreams as a child


Hello, this is TOM.

Today I would like to talk about the “dreams” of my childhood.

Realizing dreams as a child


Also, I will talk about why I joined a major electrical equipment manufacturer.


When I was a kid, I had two dreams, a professional baseball player. It is a giant player.

The second is to fly around the world and work.

That dream has been around since I was a kid.

When I was little, my mother’s older brother (uncle) was a development designer of a major electrical equipment manufacturer, and he was on business trips abroad frequently. I did.

I simply said, “If you join this company, you can go abroad a lot and enjoy yourself!” .. .. .. .. .. I thought.

(Sweat is stupid)

I want to go abroad. I want to go to various countries. looks fun! .. .. .. .. That’s the only dream.

(Why is that all!)


“What should he do after graduating from high school? I want to study at university and want to go abroad early.” .. ..

(Usually I don’t think it’s that easy!)


Tell your uncle and let him join the company! I thought.

This company is a major electrical equipment manufacturer at the Osaka head office. There is a company in the Yokohama area.

My uncle worked for a company in this Yokohama area.

(At that time, the uncle was the chief of the design, though he would jump a lot in a few decades.)


I don’t think it’s easy to put it in by common sense, right?

Moreover, he was a young man who graduated from an industrial high school and played only baseball and had poor school grades.

However. .. .. ..

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. I was able to join the company. I’ve done it (laughs)

Every year, the school recommends one excellent student, and I ask my uncle for a connection.

I received another recommendation frame and took an entrance examination and an interview.

Result: Pass! Moreover, at the entrance ceremony, I was selected as the answer to joining the company from among the thousands of new employees. “I’m not good at writing, and I only had two national languages …”

Answer to the entrance ceremony. .. .. .. .. .. Great success! Cool!

After that, it is popular from female employees! Wow!


Have a nice day.

Also, I look forward to working with you tomorrow.




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