Similar people


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Today “similar things”

Similar people


New on the day

Whether you are a friend or a lover

The type of person you get along with

in retrospect

Isn’t it similar somewhere?


Once you have friends around you

Are you observing and not like yourself?

Please take a look.


for example,

Only with people who are a little noticeable

I befriend.


With a self-assertive type of person

For some reason, I often stay together …………..


The person who goes out

For some reason a similar type of person

I often choose.


for example,

He who repeats cheating.

I can finally break up

This time, choose him sincerely ………

But as we go out

This he was also cheating.

The same thing after that



Do you have this kind of experience?


Then, only people of the same type for the rest of my life

I can’t choose and he will live like this

Not really.


By accumulating such suffering and experience

Don’t repeat the same mistake

You just have to make an effort.

that way

I noticed various things

You can grow your soul.


By noticing

You can get out of the trapped heart.



We will deliver energy!

o, + :. ☆. * ・ +. o, + :. ☆. * ・ +.

From courage

Be prepared!


o, + :. ☆. * ・ +. o, + :. ☆. * ・ +.



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