Life is also privately run. Part 1

You cannot be happy with a sense of duty and a sense of mission!英語記事


This is TOM

Today, I would like to talk about what I learned from what I did since I started working at a company when I was young.

Life is also privately run. Part 1


I was an oversleeping and late addict.

When I joined the company, I lived in a dormitory, so I returned to the dormitory after work, but I turned the name tag inside out at the entrance and went straight to the exit to play.

At that time, disco was popular, and the heyday of Eurobeat. I used to go to discos and drinks almost every day.

Also, in the middle of the night, I got out of the dormitory, skipped the car, ran the Yokohama Shindo Road, went to the Chigasaki coast and surfed. (Honda City Cabriolet bought with a low monthly salary loan)


Of course, I will return in the morning.

I sleep from there so I can’t get up by the time the company starts.

I’m late almost every day.

The boss at that time is also easy! !! My boss started an education for me for such a sloppy me. (From now on, I think that my direct boss and his boss were wonderful people. Thank you!)

First of all, the word

You can come to the office and sleep, so definitely come by 8:30!



That made me feel better, and after that I went to work properly at 8:30 of working hours. (But sometimes I was really sleeping on the sofa in the drawing room … I’m sorry …)

This has become a habit, and I am now able to work hard every day. (It’s common sense from the general public.)

I didn’t have common sense when I was young. (Laughs) He was a terrible employee.

The next step of education from your boss is


“Get to your desk more than 10 minutes before 8:30!”


The reason is the idea of Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of a large company headquartered in Osaka.

This content is quite long, so I’ll talk about it in tomorrow’s update. It’s a very important story that converted me.

Because it seems to be quite long

Continue tomorrow


May this information reach those who need it today

Thank you for today




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