Flying around the world Taiwan edition



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Well, I will update it today as well.

Flying around the world Taiwan edition

This time,

This time, I will talk about a business trip to Taiwan when I was young.

(Late 80’s to early 90’s)

Actually, I’m not a high school graduate, but a college graduate!


Forest Road University




what is that?

In Taipei, at Taiwan University? ??




No, in the old days, if you graduated from this forest north university

For one person

It was said that.







There used to be quite a few snacks on North Forest Road.

(Although it still exists, it is quite obsolete)

Every day during a business trip to Taiwan after work

I went here.

My goal is……………..language study!

The purpose is to communicate with beautiful women in Greater China!



It’s true!

Bring your notebook / writing utensils

I studied Mandarin in Taiwan.

(To be exact, Chinese ordinary language)

In China, I study with Pinyin

In Taiwan



Based on this, you will study pronunciation.

I will talk about it when I was stationed in Beijing

The pronunciation is different

I work abroad

I can’t speak English or Chinese at all. .. .. ..

Middle school and high school English classes

I was always sleeping.

Well, humans when needed

All you have to do is remember!

I graduated from this forest north road university!

(I wonder if I went there for about 5 years)

After studying a language with a snack ……… (around 1am)

I won’t go back to the hotel!

With language teachers (snack women)

Going to the movies

Go to the bar

Go bowling

I’ll play until morning!




Then, around 6 o’clock on the way home in the morning

8 am

A local partner came to the hotel

Start work for the day!




Well, I was living on a business trip to Taiwan like this.

What country is he talking about next?

Next time is America

Please look forward to the next time.

So today is this strange

Have a nice day






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