Was Beijing in this era paradise?(Flying overseas, from the Czech version to the Beijing version)


Heaven is Beijing! ?

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Today, I talked about it in the last time

It will be a move to Beijing from the Czech Republic.

Sorry for the long post, but please bear with me

Years passed, August 2002

I got a call from my boss in Japan.

“Tom, there will be a vacancy in Beijing in January next year.

what will you do? ”

That’s an immediate answer.


“I’m going! Please let me go.”

Do you know why the fist pump?

First, English is not understood in the city

After work at night she goes to the bar

communication is

English that others can understand

vocabulary and body language

Second, the meal

Almost every day like this…..


“Czech Sneaking Rumors End”

I’m at work all the time. I got a call from Beijing.

In the daytime here, in Beijing it’s night

“Hey Tom! How are you?

We’re playing karaoke now!

It’s fun. Come on! ”

Don’t be drunk!

They are serious about their work!

Return the story.

Immediately decided to move to Beijing

From the Czech Republic to Beijing

Stayed for two months on a business trip basis

Start handover with predecessor

I will officially be posted to Beijing in January 2003.


here a serious story

Up until now, business trips to Asia, America, England, Czech Republic, and this time Beijing

I was able to get a job overseas.

Guidance and training of the bosses I met

I was blessed with such a boss

The words my boss told me this time in the Czech Republic

Let me introduce you.

“Your boss is not the boss of your life!

You are the boss of your life! ”

This word is very meaningful!

in Czech

Return to the Czech Republic and hand over duties to local staff

Send your luggage to Beijing

Say goodbye to the Czech Republic.


“Tom’s Sneaking Rumors about Him Part 1”

Action is necessary to realize a dream.


We don’t just act.


There is such a law.

Dreams — Consciousness (Emotions) — Actions

Action does not come first.

Of this connection

If even one thing is missing

destiny at all

would have been different.

Please read to the end,

Thank you ☆

Next time, we will continue with the Beijing edition.

See you soon!

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