I can’t forgive people, so thank you



This is TOM.

I will update it today as well.

I can’t forgive people, so thank you

My father died when I was 25 years old.



It was 30 years ago,

I hated my father.

I couldn’t forgive you.


When I was a kid, on holidays

Always betting such as horse racing


I have little memory of playing with them.

In my childhood memory

Taken to the racetrack

Playing alone in the playground in the middle



Everyday life was difficult and poor.

A clear memory of the mother’s struggles every day


Childhood: You can’t buy what you want

The other friends looked wealthy.


From past memories

Until recently

I couldn’t forgive my father.

At one point, I heard inside myself.


“Can’t you forgive?”

“you can’t”

“You can’t even like it, right?”

“you can’t”

“It’s not something you can respect, right?”

“you can’t”

“So can you thank me?”


“I can thank you”


Because I had a father

I live in this world.

This alone

I can thank you …

“You don’t have to forgive me

You don’t have to like it,

I can’t respect it and it’s very good

If you can thank

That’s fine! ?? ”


In this word, the distance to my father

After 30 years






See you next time








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