How to make friends and achieve ambitions together to achieve your dreams and goals

How to make friends and work together to achieve your dreams and goalsビジネス

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How to make friends and achieve ambitions together to achieve your dreams and goals

“What is the power to make friends?”



If you notice it, act immediately!

After gaining a lot of experience and gaining awareness from it,

Take action immediately.

Not only gaining experience and thinking, but moving immediately.

You can learn the importance of this from Ryoma.


If you like it, take it in immediately

Simply say. If you think “good”,

Take in people’s opinions obediently, make them your own ideas,

Let’s make that person also his supporter.



Learn from peers and grow together

Inspired by friends and other people, what’s missing

He learns immediately if he thinks there is.

He acts as soon as his companion moves.


Don’t think about why you can’t do it or why you can’t

“Still young” “I’m old” “I don’t have money” “I don’t have connections”

I put a limiter on myself saying “I don’t have enough experience”

Don’t make a reason not to do it.

As I was thinking about this, only time passed.

I will kill my potential

Receives heat and reacts immediately

Pay attention to the thoughts of friends and acquaintances and the amount of heat they have.

Reacts to that heat.

If you feel a fever, expand the scale of your thoughts and react immediately.

This flexibility and speed are also the secrets to making friends.

Gain determination and action

Eliminate stereotypes and “must do this” ties.

Creating a free environment and not having a fixed concept

Gives behavioral power.


I will summarize the points to be learned from “making friends” from Ryoma Sakamoto.

⭐️ Accumulate experience and gain awareness from it,

Take action immediately

⭐️ If you think it’s good, take in people’s opinions obediently

The person who made his own thoughts and gave his opinion also becomes his own cheering party.

⭐️ If you think there is something missing (knowledge), learn immediately and your friends

Act as soon as you move.

⭐️ When you feel the amount of heat, expand the scale of your thoughts and react immediately.

⭐️ Improve your sensibility and acquire the power to impress and empathize


“The power to make friends” is

In interaction with many people

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