Let’s try “Breathing (law)” Part 2

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Let’s try “Breathing Method” Part 2


This time is a continuation of the previous one, “Breathing Method”.


How about everyone? Have you tried breathing after exhaling?

So today, I will talk about why it is better to use this breathing method.

★ A restless mind, a head full of thoughts (thinking), breathing to notice and separate from such emotions, and become a calm, calm, and calm self.

The inside of the head is refreshing and refreshing, and the blue sky is clear both in the mind and in the head.

★ Being angry, sad, afraid, hateful, lost, or worried, you will pollute your body and lower your vibrations. (Muddy blood)

You need to breathe to cleanse your mind.

★ I think too much about the past and future and fall into anxious feelings.

You can put it in the “I’m here” state.

<Notes on breathing>

・ Do not do your best, do not do your best.

・ Do it in a comfortable place (environment), preferably in a quiet place

(Especially where there is nature)

・ You can use as much as you like. At your own pace! !!


Ideally, you should breathe quietly, deeply and long, so why not try breathing with that in mind?

Thank you for visiting us again.

Please spend a fun and comfortable day.





皆さん どうですか? 吐いてから吸う 呼吸を試してみましたか?


★落ち着かない心、雑念がいっぱいの頭(思考)、この様な  感情から気づき・離れるために呼吸をし、心穏やか・やるらか・落ち着きに変わり平常心の自分になれる。










・自分の好きな分だけで結構です。 マイペースで!!








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